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21 Responses to “Markee Dragon Show – Will Console MMOs Ever Be Bigger Than PC MMOs?”

  • PowerSaving1 says:

    i will give you my soul for one of those swords

  • hotpixels1 says:

    Hes lucky the thing that hit him wasn’t sharp.

  • BlinginTom says:


  • CamKhaos says:

    i love the laugh 2:33

  • jimmybroderick84 says:

    lol funny vid i was picturing him literally getting blown away herhrehrhererer

  • badmaaash says:

    i play DCUO on both PC and PS3 and the difference between the two is really huge. pc’s very smooth and they get A LOT of discounts while the ps3′s get little to no discounts at all and a lot of freezes, disconnects, file corrupted issues etc. the funny thing is ps3 is what kept the game going because the players there 80% compared to the pc side and even devs admitted that yet they cant do shit ’cause ps3 just cant handle it and they have to cut corners for DLCs to make it work on PS3 lol

  • c00lhands1 says:

    I think Richard Garriott is on to something by looking at the mobile platforms for MMOs. There are a lot of other elements that go into making a great MMO. Different folks have different play-styles and interests within the same MMORPG. I can envision an MMO that is reachable from a variety of clients, and each client “specializes” in a certain aspect of the game. Maybe the PC client has full functionality while mobile clients cater to specific play-styles (ie market/ trading/ crafting).

  • c00lhands1 says:

    Markee- you’e CRAZY man!!

  • stroeckxie says:

    i wouldn’t really call that a TV, i’d call that a big monitor…

  • WardogCinema says:

    MMOs can and have gone to Consoles. Final Fantasy XIV was released to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2009, but received severely negative reviews. One of the big issues to some people is that the game charged an additional game fee for the monthly fee you already pay for your service for, say, Xbox Live. IE: To play the game, you were charged roughly 30 dollars a month.

    Will MMOs return to consoles again in the future? Sure, but whether they succeed or not is another matter entirely.

  • jeremyjstrang says:


  • bloodarcher1805 says:

    he was probably mad that you said console games will become more popular due to the fact his name is Ryder PC

  • thegamerdude853 says:

    Im far from new to gaming my friend. Those games you mention do not have anywhere near the amount of players the mainstream games such as MW3 have. People don’t play these games i mention for the social interaction they play them because of the competitive aspect of them which they find fun. There is no better feeling than winning trust me. Yes MMOs will be an ass to play on and people will not like to play these on consoles because they are unnatural. FWIW i dont play MMOs anymore.

  • thegamerdude853 says:

    Console gaming will always be superior to pc gaming. All the good competitive consoles i play Fifa 12 being the biggest have so many more players than on PC while being a pain in the ass to play on.

  • scatmanwfm says:

    It’s funny how people that play consoles always make ass backward statements like this. Console gaming is very mainstream you can see what it is all about. Yet you probably judge all of PC gaming off of something such as WoW.

  • scatmanwfm says:

    You must be new to gaming if you claim that console games are known for being competitive. Must of never heard of Dota, couterstrike, Dark age, Ultima. Tons of PC games over the years have been competitive over anything the consoles could offer.

    Uhh.. pretty much any multiplayer game has social interaction and it has nothing to do with people not liking change.. it’s the simple fact that mmos would perform like ass on a console.

  • thegamerdude853 says:

    Thats the biggest load of shit ever.

  • thegamerdude853 says:

    It wont work. Console games are known for competitive gaming and storyline games like Fifa 12, Mw3, saints row 3 GTA etc. While Pc games are more associated with the social interaction games like MMOs if you get where im going. People are use to playing MMOs on pc and this wont change because quiet frankly people don’t like changes like this like myself im just use to how it is now.

  • toonami54 says:

    Hope your camera is ok.

    (ever try wrapping/taping a plastic bag to cover the camera? …well cover everything except for the lens and view finder of course.)

  • RunAsFastAsYouCann says:

    What’s a console MMO?

  • ortzinator says:

    Mark, you crazy bastard

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