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24 Responses to “Markee Dragon Show – Why I believe in RMT (Real Money Trade)”

  • Summer Espinal says:

    @gduuj no dude, that won�t work, if you really want to make money online you�ll have to think different, /watch?v=YaF1ZO4DjRs this is a good example of how to do it, see it, I�m sure that will work for you.
    And please don�t do what you said anymore, that can be even illegal!

  • UORadioDotCom says:

    Love the dog in the back ground taking a crap in your video ;)

  • NexusCapital says:

    I rolled down the window in traffic and told you my pally would waste you! haha I bet you’ve had some interesting discussions over that license plate with strangers. =)

  • luzt87 says:

    Haha so you saw my post about the drinking game, fun ;) Might as well make a card game too! Changing the scenery is really making the videos feel more versatile, how about a waterfall or maybe like the “swamp” you visited a while back?

  • xtysonboswellx says:

    Hey Markee, If you have the time try a youtube search for “toronto scramble intersection”. It should tie up the J walking analogy quite well – I actually thought that was where you were going with it.

  • dachill1 says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyt the shitty dragon shirts are back in style?….no?

  • GanjaGrowers says:

    you are a beautiful man markee brother!

  • markeedragon says:

    Yes. :) 

  • bloodarcher1805 says:

    I want that freakin sword

  • ImURguy74 says:

    I hope that as we get further into the future with online games more and more laws get passed to put people like markeedragon who leech from online games in jail for a long time. I really wish that they could be hung just like the old west.

  • elffrog says:

    White shirt and dog, are pinterested!

  • WarmSpringsWarriors says:

    I have never had a issue against people that take part in this,and it creates huge communities around the game then it is good for the player base. The problem is when companies say they are against it, and that it causes them problems, but then they go an create one for themselves with a cut it really goes to show where their head is. To me it is irrelevant to them to have this kind of buzz around there game which is idiotic. Many games have stood the test of time, because of this type of thing

  • ErikYeshua says:

    you can play other games that doesnt need you to play for that long to be good. like LoL or something :)

  • TheWowRater says:

    Thanks, I still want to quit though but I’m too addicted =(

  • Anon Amoose says:

    haha that story was funny

  • geof98 says:

    Eat one then, it shuld get you at least 500 subs lol

  • NexusCapital says:

    Markee was that you 2 years or so ago in Washington state in the h2 hummer??? The mmorpg plate??

  • NorwayGuy100Gaming says:


  • BlakeExcstasy says:

    would like to see a video of you eating a cicadas lol i would pay money to see that

  • Thordenos says:

    hey hey just a suggestion but u should try KSP.

  • SirSpoon84 says:

    your shirts reminds me of a friend i had back in ’99. =P

  • Francois424 says:

    Actually, when I was playing Ultima Online, I **HATED** Real Money Trades. Picture this: you can own property in the game. It is sold via NPCs for a relatively fixed amount of in game money. You farm your ass out and then buy a large tower deed, only to see that you cannot place the damn thing anywhere (hopefully fixed in next uo-type mmo). But some guy is selling his tower. “How much is it going for?” the guy replies: “100 USD.” I farmed in-game, I dont want to spend RL money. Sucks !!!!

  • Hop Salot says:

    Cicadas are some seriously ugly little suckers… Eat them? No thanks XD

  • conversepker says:

    Markee, that game you made
    Some vids about. Runescape
    People on that make $200/hr and on some accounts they have over $160k in items and gold
    Pretty crazy
    Btw 1m rsgp(runescape gold) is 40 cents

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