Markee Dragon Show – What Motivates Me As An Entrepreneur To Work Hard?

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17 Responses to “Markee Dragon Show – What Motivates Me As An Entrepreneur To Work Hard?”

  • Frenchii36 says:

    Sorry Markeedragon didn’t hear a thing this videio despite your great mike, my Scottish mind recognised bagpipes in the background and I was immediately entranced :P

  • Gustavofromelcajon says:

    I agree, very impressive mic.

  • runescapeoluf says:

    That mic is impressive

  • Kim DeRider says:

    Wow nice. The poop mics I work with would have no chance of being that clear from that far away. They’re not directional though.

  • markeedragon says:

    I am not wearing a mic. I have a shotgun mic on the camera aimed right at me. Pretty incredible how it can still get me well even 50 feet from the camera.

  • markeedragon says:

    I saw that. Was not sure I was going to mention it though as I never met him nor played with him. I know many people that did. But I ave no first hand experiences with him. So I am not sure what I would say.

  • Kim DeRider says:

    Are you wearing a mic, or is that big one on your camera picking up your voice from that far away?

  • sweatter120288 says:

    Hey markee dragon. yesterday we lost a great member of the eve online community. i was wondering if you could make a shout out in your next video. Sean Smith aka “vile rat” was killed at the us consulate in Libya. this is a tragedy. he was a great guy and will be greatly missed. RIP VILE RAT.

  • ITPalGame says:

    (final continuation of comment): Eventually after all their screw ups, like the 3 times they never received my request for schedule change (after one of the moves they put me at 8 or 9 am when that conflicted with my school schedule), I was brought into a room with two people. I was fired for not being on time. WTF!? I was dumbfounded and floored. Their response to me was, “We have no record of this”. Of course they had no record of it. They were bad managers of written employee requests.

  • ITPalGame says:

    (continued from previous comment): I had/have no idea how to use those things and they just plopped us in there after only a 2-4 hour meeting on how to use the computer software entry system. NOTHING ABOUT THE PRODUCT THEMSELVES OMG!
    I told my hiring mgr about this and he just shook his head. He had ceased being my mgr on the main project (contract with a major router company doing level 1 tech support). They started to pack people in so close to each other I had a hard time hearing customers.

  • ITPalGame says:

    I worked at an Alorica call center once that had sort of poor management and desk setup.
    The initial manager was fine and in the interview told me that they worked with students and their schedules. I had 3 requests for schedule change over the ~9 months there after they kept changing it. During my time there they shifted me 2 or 3 times to different client contracts with a temporary morning relief shift for a stereo/dvr company. (continued next comment…)

  • TheUnleashedOdin says: get hated

  • thc024 says:

    I would climb tha shit outta that tree

  • TheXperimentalX says:

    to die in a horror film?

  • bl8fra says:

    I’m Like #2. Also Love the vids keep up the good work. Love the insight in an aspect of business i haven’t seen before.

  • jamsey700 says:


  • Zaganize says:

    last to get laid

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