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25 Responses to “Markee Dragon Show – If I buy WoW gold could I be banned from the game?”

  • JohnMarksTV says:

    I’m in love with the sound of the water.

  • iLoveMusicMuchly says:

    Markee! The little guitar at the end, where is it from?

  • CatCoffe says:

    he has never once said it would at 20k

  • xXSIR3NXx says:

    Love your vids Markee keep up the good work :)

  • Bluetibald says:

    I’m a fury warrior I’d hold that forstmourne in one hand :)

  • morphic22 says:

    really want that sword :)

  • fatknightsss says:

    Peace nerd fagget stay small stay 1500

  • kevinsdw says:

    Thanks for proving my point that you’re an idiot. Goodbye now. :)

  • sdpgposd says:

    dude, this is weird but i love your hat.. what’s it made out of? where can i get one? lol

  • builtinrush1 says:

    I like the off topic stuff XD

  • fatknightsss says:

    Your stupid irl? stay -1500 noob. Back peddle all day nerd

  • klintonG says:

    i think he means like how you talk about the view and things rather than hitting the topic in the title quick. i personally like the side talk about random things, but it seems he might not.

  • ThePrinceOfMillAve says:

    In World of Warcraft the Guardian Cub minipet is a tradable cash shop item. People can buy those and sell them on the AH for gold; it was Blizzard’s first experiment with RMT (I wrote a column about this for SiliconANGLE.)

    In fact, after the sparklepony huge success, Blizzard apparently wondered if they could do the same thing with a tradable for-cash virtual item.

  • stroeckxie says:

    i checked prices of gold earlier this week, because i need money to buy a guild, and found that i could get 60k gold for a little less as 50€. which i found way too much so i’m now leveling up a guild. and yes, there is one of the pets you can trade, it costs 10€ and sells for 6k-8k gold. (it costed 1.5k when it came out, wish i bought one.)

  • VhastRetribution says:

    A gaming channel talking about WoW? Real off-topic… and this was user submitted he makes videos that will help his fans.

  • WarmSpringsWarriors says:

    I love these gulf of mexico videos. That area is one of our (US) marvels, and it sickens me to see our country not do shit about what BP did to the gulf twice mind you.

  • markeedragon says:

    It was supposed to be at 100k subs and we lowered it to 42.5k. The first prize of many was given away at 20k subs.

  • markeedragon says:

    Rootabager, Many of the topic come from viewers like you. Feel free to send me some suggestions of things you would like to hear about. :)

  • Rickie Griffith says:

    That’s the good thing about him and why I subscribed.

  • rootabager says:

    quit talking about dumb off topic things..I would watch your vids if they were more concise.

  • djosefg says:

    i just think blizz can solve the gold selling problems creating a items that allows players extend their playgame time, right like tera`s chronoscroll, players that wants gold: buy the item and sell it in AH for gold, just dependent with server`s market and, who wants to sell gold for pay subscription can buy the item. so blizz sell their own gold, and gold selling is just for subscriptions.

  • SC2ProjectFreeze says:

    holy shit your camera is fukin amazing

  • kevinsdw says:

    Saying first is being a retard, especially when you’re not the first commenter.

  • ehnat0n says:

    AFAIK,there is only one BoE pet from Blizzard store – Guardian Cub. Cost $10 and you can sell it for 2-5K gold (depends on the server).

    For example, on my server it currently sells for almost 5K. At the same time one of the gold selling sites (1st page from Google search) suggests that I can get 6.500 gold for the same money ($9.99).

    Surprisingly close I’d say

  • James Christie says:

    They don’t do that because they don’t want people that are “rich” in real life to dominate the game, where as someone who can barely afford the monthly sub is getting destroyed in content because they don’t have the money.

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