Manticore Stealth Bomber Hit and Run, EVE Online, Pre-Quantum Rise Expansion

An Insurgency Claw gets pwnd at his own 20 man gate camp in AH

Video Rating: 3 / 5

MUGEN EVE MAC 100% For OSX, Intel only. Ported By Der Kunstler (AKA-PLEASANT) Overview: A Battle Royal featuring Everybody who was Anything that was Anyone in Anything that was Anything Ever! Now ported to Mac 100% working By: der Kunstler 100% Official wallpaper, 1440×900 NEW INTERVIEW BY DEAD TECH GURU: PS UPDATE: It is normal for the start screen to freeze for a moment. The time it takes to load is dependent on the amount of Ram and speed of you processor. You can resize the window after the app loads. To install MAC EVE you must download all of the required files, remember that there are over 400+ characters, the game is Big. PLEASE READ THE VIDEO INFO and REVIEW the system requirments. It is important that you READ the documentation bundled with the files also. If you are incapable of reading i can not help you with that. I am not able to walk each person through the entire process of download and installation. A 1.5 ghz core solo mac mini most likely will not run this game. Please use common sense and read the Documentation on my Mugen page please.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • atwoods3 says:

    Message me with your email address to receive a 21 day buddy invite. Also if you decide to subscribe to the game i’ll send you 250 million isk. Dont believe anyone claiming to offer a 30 day trial there is no such thing. the longest possible trial period is 21 days.

  • Alexc3217 says:

    Warning, non suicide bombers.

  • Alexc3217 says:

    So you can still do the attack like this, but not as successfully?

  • kimma16 says:

    worst music ever

  • dCOOBAb says:

    Is it still possible with torpedoes?

  • ferretsofdeath says:

    I have absolutely no idea why I had a salvager on there… o.0 This was sooooon long ago, lol

  • ferretsofdeath says:

    Bombs at the time sucked, and I was more interrested in Silent Hunting. Plus fitting issues, :P

  • ferretsofdeath says:

    If you time it and line yourself up just right, and if the campers don’t have a cruiser sniper….annnnd if it’s far away, you can do it,

    lock, pop, open, grab, RUN

  • ferretsofdeath says:

    Quantum Rise, it was an expansion that nerfed missiles

  • ferretsofdeath says:

    Quantum Rise is the expansion that greatly nerfed missiles to the point where it became very hard to get one hit kills on small ships with the Stealth Bomber.

  • ferretsofdeath says:

    It’s the theme song for some Middle Eastern guy in the WWE, not sure what the name is and all that

  • jlocks420 says:

    Whats the music??

  • magebro01 says:

    QR was a patch for EVE made a while back. This patch included a giant nerf to missile dmg, though not too sure on the specifics

  • bassmanboe says:

    what is QR and why did i9t ruin my manticore?

  • roder000 says:

    i really wish they kept the old cloak looked awesome!!!

  • Wargargble says:

    whats qr ?

  • nosferatz says:

    Beautiful kill. I’m always a little dissappointed I can’t get the loot though. :]

  • SunfireGTX25 says:

    that music + SB = Terrorist Attack:P lol

  • localzuk says:

    Nothing wrong with SB’s now. Just have to know how to use them, and they work very will in fleets. Think of 3 or 4 of them popping up on an unsuspecting BS, fit with Bombs…

  • HandiAce says:

    These guys’ bombs are nasty little critters!

  • AndreasPetersen says:

    Nope, they can have Covert Ops Cloacking, which is way better.

  • jakoblangley says:

    hey bad news, Now ccp gave them fucking torpedos and a 30sec delay to cloak =D haha, SB will suck even more.

  • ferretsofdeath says:

    Yup, If I were to take one out now I’d have 2-3 SBIIs instead of the one. I agree that Stealth Bombers got nerfed beyond recovery with QR… :(

  • bloodhound221 says:

    ok so
    i am seeing he is using probably T2 launchers with faction missiles
    3 sensor damps probably T2 a resolution amp T2 a improved prototype cloaker T2 and a salvager.
    but this is BEFORE fuckin CCP nerfed the damn missiles

  • Puosur says:

    Stealth bombers own….IF you’re fortunate enough to be fighting retards. Slowboating at 200 m/s practically halves the damage from SB’s. Any more and you’re not far from immunity.

  • For4va says:

    Oh shoot I remember playing this on a pc. Can I get the password? Really want to try this out again.

  • minimum31 says:

    Wow, this looks awesome, is there anyway i could get the password to download? Thnx

  • funnyboy961 says:

    This looks incredible! was wondering if i could get the password, anyway it looks like you did an incredible job here!

  • MrPurpmagic says:

    Awesome! Was wondering if i may get the password to download? Thanks!

  • Ricosuaveh1 says:

    yes this is the most awesome looking mugen ive EVER SEEN i would truly be please to have this pass word it would be an honor oh please

  • Girigo94 says:


  • PLEASANTDesigns says:

    ja, I am sorry but I had to take the starter pack down after some of the bad people from another place took it and didnt give me credit at all for my work. Some also began selling Mugen also. sorry. Ja I am an artist, kind of in a big way. I have exhibited my work in a lot of different places and I am represented by the same people who host some other known artists including Obey. It’s hard work but I do the best I can. What school do you go to? Please dont tell me S**D =(

  • Dingomanzero13 says:

    Hello! I noticed the starter pack is down now… which makes me sad cus i had to delete it from my macbook pro a couple weeks ago >.<

    Im not a big fan of having thousands of characters but i do appreciate the work you put into this port and so far it seems like the only stable one. Please let me know If you can re-upload the starter pack sometime? thanks!

    ps. do you happen to do life drawing? i noticed that you are an artist too (im currently in art school)

  • UltimaWeaponWielder9 says:

    Could you please give me the password? I’d really appreciate it!

  • odaddy911 says:

    man this game looks sweet, can i please have the password?

  • apagz says:

    Is there any possible way I can get the password for the download?Just inbox/PM me! Thanks in advanced! (: 

  • Dark3stsuNseT says:

    Hello Mr. Pleasant I came across this project of yours a few months ago and think it looks fantastic. I cannot imagine why anyone would ever try to insult this project in anyway the work you have put into it looks amazing. I would love to try out this game, so if you would be so kind please send me a password. Thank you for all of your hard work and time.

  • Dark3stsuNseT says:

    Hello Mr. Pleasant I came across this project of yours a few months ago and think it looks fantastic. I cannot imagine why anyone would ever try to insult this project in anyway the work you have put into it looks amazing. I would love to try out this game, so if you would be so kind please send me a password. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  • MixMasterMike17 says:

    It looks great, I went to check it out but it says I need a password. May I please have it?

  • PLEASANTDesigns says:

    Check out App Giveaway for your chance to win a free app from Pleasant Designs!

  • syafickix says:

    pleaaaaasssseeeee passwords!!!!!!! i’ll subscribed yaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!pleaaaaasssseeeee passwords!!!!!!! i’ll subscribed yaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!pleaaaaasssseeeee passwords!!!!!!! i’ll subscribed yaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  • SouljaKittyV2 says:

    Can I please have the password? Thanks!

  • PLEASANTDesigns says:


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  • davikal says:

    oh ok, can i get the password? thanks!

  • davikal says:

    how do i get the password?

  • gjackson2004 says:

    May I please have the password?

  • pkpcp says:

    Can I please get the password? Thanks and it looks great.

  • PLEASANTDesigns says:

    It has come to my attention that someone may be attempting to use my port and sell Mugen. If you come across anyone doing this please let me know. Selling mugen is wrong and will effect the entire Mugen community negatively. If I am made aware of my port being used in this way I will have to shut down this service. Selling mugen is a big deal and can place a lot of people in a bad spot.

  • djzparky says:

    man the game is awesome , but u forgot my favorite characters , ZERo from KOF , is there any way i can put it myself?? plzz n thank u again

  • Chrisy45054 says:

    Can I have the pass code please? I’ve been waiting to play something like this on the go! If so, then thanks man!

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