Level 3 Mission EVE Online

EVE Online Level 3 Mission from Zoar and Sons NPC corp dont remember the agent quality, but this is just a quick lv3 mission in my cyclone (video is speed uo 2.5x) Mission Name: Intercept The Pirate Smugglers [Cyclone, Cyclone - Mission] 5x 425mm Medium Gallium I Machine Gun (EMP M) 3x Advanced ‘Limos’ Heavy Missile Bay I (Scourge Heavy Missile) Republic Fleet Large Shield Booster Shield Boost Amplifier I Photon Scattering Field II Heat Dissipation Field II Republic Fleet 10MN Afterburner Damage Control II 3x Capacitor Flux Coil II 3x Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I 4x Hammerhead II — This Fit is Cap Stable with Fuel Conservation and Shield Compensation 3, and Energy Systems Operation and Energy Managment 5, and the 2 Faction Modules (Still Working on T2 Guns) Song: Pendulum – Slam Anyways, Thanks for watching and ill hopefully be posting more vids now that Xfire has fixed their broken recording link for EVE

Merlin vs Ferox pvp solo kill. eve online [EYL]

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  • ChrisRaptor1 says:

    congratz on your first BC!, The Cyclone is a really nice lv3 mission boat, but i would advise you to get your cap skills to 4 or 5 before using this fit, mostly because of the capacitor usage with the Shield Booster and AB, but with this fit in the description it is cap stable, just gotta use the correct hardeners and ammo, and you will be perfectly fine, if you have any questions, just comment back!

  • MrTehRave says:

    just seeing how a t1 cyclone handles missions ~ im thinking of getting one for my first ever BC

  • deadlyhydra says:


  • ChrisRaptor1 says:

    I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10, and when i import the video to the program, drag it to the timeline and right click then go to properties then towards the bottom theres a setting called “Playback Rate” and i just bump it up however fast i want the video….just be in mind i made this vid with sony vegas 6 and both the programs only allow a 4x speed…….but thats how i get my vids to speed up

  • deadlyhydra says:

    how do you speed up the video ?

  • ChrisRaptor1 says:

    lol….ya ive seen what they can do, and its insane when you fit best named XL booster on there for pvp, its crazy…….but ya, i got this cyclone in this vid blown up in a 0.0 complex XD, didnt warp out quick enuf for the fleet to warp to me, got scrammed and died; but other than taht cylonez are crazieness, but i need to make another vid, i gotz me a nice tengu to run missions in :P

  • prestb says:

    Cyclones are mean. Lol. Me in a fleet of I think 6 to 8 people, we got wiped out from a crazy shield tank o_o

  • ChrisRaptor1 says:

    hehe thnx, been tryin to make more vids, just havent had the time to : /

  • xKreySx says:

    nice +1

  • ChrisRaptor1 says:

    ya i figured that, cus i used to use a drake and i got tired of….warp in/not move/shoot stuff/ tank/ warp out,anyways next vid i won’t alter the speed if you dont like it like that, main reason i did it was im not sure if Xfire records ingame sounds, but ill check, but thnx for the comment

  • Abband0n says:

    I don’t really like when people altar the speed of their video but that was acceptable. It was nice to see MOVEMENT from a mission runner instead of warp-in and snipe stuff.

  • funnyvidzrus2 says:

    The ferox was a noob, what ferox pilot uses launchers lol. Thanks for exterminating this plague from the void of eve :)

  • natzilllla1 says:

    was it t1 drones or t2 that you killed

  • LoadedFront says:

    Great job, That ferox should of had some webifiers and tracking upgrades and some rigs maybe then it would of killed you. Im sure a Ferox would still be decent at close range if fitted with blasters, this one looked like it had rail guns and guess what it couldnt even get in optimum range.

  • CoatedMoose says:

    Did a similar thing in a griffin it was really one sided tbh – not that much you can do when you are pointed and perma-jammed.

  • gusmanak says:

    Well deserved kill. Awesome job!

  • barab25678albe says:

    Fair enough. I am just making the point that bigger guns have a harder time hitting smaller targets. I am not saying that a ferox couldn’t have beaten the merlin, I am just saying if he wasnt prepared for the fight, he didnt have a very good chance.

  • RealisticSigma says:

    i have to agree now. i am still a fan of the ferox an say that a properly fit ferox would have done much better but this was “real” combat. but where u say that frigs will USUALLY beat bigger ships i tend to disagree. i have killed bigger ships with frigs but i ahve lost more to tehm. jsut sayin. maybe my skills werent high enough then

  • barab25678albe says:

    Howe was this not REAL combat? THe Ferox was jumped, and surprised, but that is no excuse. And even at range, a good frigate can keep his transversal high enough to avoid medium turrets. Frigates will usually beat BC’s and higher in 1v1.

  • alpha9190 says:

    what was the fitting of that merlin???

  • rada660 says:

    you can fix the anti-aliasing with the graphic card option itself

  • RealisticSigma says:

    ferox is awesome sniper platform. this person had no idea how to pilot or fit one. in REAL comabt with someone who knows how to fly em, that merlin would have been dead of medium t2 rails an drones before he even got within range to do any damage with his missles!

  • vett3l0l says:

    yea ferox is my favourite, mainly because its so hated :)

  • IIDefect says:

    The Ferox is a good ship. you just have to know how to fit and pilot it. this person obviously didn’t.

  • shgjlsfg says:

    fearox pilot was prob a 10 day old noob with a civilan booster on or some shit

  • teoarrk says:

    ferox is just an upgraded moa, so it figures:P

  • vett3l0l says:

    epic lulz

  • aoeknights says:

    tracking disruptor? he should have shut that thing off right? that isnt doing anything. but w.e he still won. i beat down a drake the other day in a wolf. 2000 emp s later i got through his buffer, if he would have had t2 large shield extendors instead of 1 it was a really nice fit really.

  • ertyqwer says:

    i’m more curious what was the lolfit of the ferox tbh. a proper ferox would tank a merlin forever, and even t1 drones or a couple of assault launchers would make the merlin pop or gtfo real soon. the “skill” involved here is finding a noob who’s dumb enough to agree to a duel.

  • alemar1122 says:

    merlins make me hard

  • toredan says:

    he’s close, orbitting at probably 1k. he’s using a warp disp, tracking disp, blaster and rockets by the look of it. 1 ab, 1 damage control, shield extender which might be medium, and aux core. suprising thing is ferox isn’t hitting, suppose since merlin is quick, close, and tracking disp. Ferox wasn’t ready for the fight, no webber? nice kill tho, gtz.

  • kickerhk says:

    killed the drones before started recording… why do you think she is 30% shields when video starts.


    Nice job. This video is a prime example of the fact that a properly fitted ship can take down a much larger ship that isn’t prepared for that type of fight. Size doesn’t always matter (in Eve). That Ferox should have known he was ill-equipped for the fight and left before being prop-jammed, but I’m shocked that he didn’t have drones

  • survivor686 says:

    nice….wats your loadout?

  • mmoPRO says:

    nice video ^^

  • roshi law says:

    Kewl video, pilot must have been a newb, not doubting your skills at all but he should have been doing ALOT more damage to you but wasnt either way you won good job =)

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