Let’s Play EVE Online: Part 5 – Fleet Op Continued

Let’s Play Eve Online The fleet operation continues… Recorded 8/28/2010

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13 Responses to “Let’s Play EVE Online: Part 5 – Fleet Op Continued”

  • fusionjose114 says:

    if your home starts getting destroyed does it tell you or do you have to find out on your own or does it tell you after its gone ?

  • vitallycool says:

    @DevilStick1953 Oops, sorry. Fixed it.

  • DevilStick1953 says:

    some reason part 6 is private. care to explain?

  • MrGoLuckyFish says:

    Its like a swarm of flies…Jesus this is amazing.

  • anubis9109 says:

    Why is your fleet so spread out. If guess yall weren’t a RR gang, cuz if an enemy fleet jumped on top of yall, you’d be screwed.

  • zaszrh says:

    You can also turn off drone models, it helps with big fleets

  • themidnightdaylight says:

    “20 mill… F**K” lol love the videos keep em up

  • vitallycool says:

    @Abband0n Yep, control towers can only be at moons.

  • Abband0n says:

    @vitallycool Ahhh thats what determines it. And there is some kinda restriction on where you can anchor POS? That bubble would be hella cool to set up over asteroids hehe.

  • vitallycool says:

    @Abband0n It looks like the owners of the tower didn’t add any Strontium fuel, making it impossible for the tower to enter reinforced mode again.

  • Abband0n says:

    @vitallycool but that tower in part 4….you said that attacked it the other day and put it into RS. Then when you attacked it you had to blast through all of its shields…and then it disappeared =P. So you either werent blasting through shields…or it should have went into RS again…or it can only RS once every X days/hours…

  • vitallycool says:

    @Abband0n It should come out of reinforced mode with 0% shields. If the shields recharge back up to 25%, I assume it regains the ability to enter reinforced mode since it’s triggered at 25%.

  • Abband0n says:

    When you trigger Reinforced Structure(RS) on a pos and come back at the end of its timer, is it totally healed? Or do you get to continue from where you left off? If you wait to long to come back and assault a pos after it entered RS will it ever gain back the ability to enter into RS again?

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