Lets Play Eve Online – Part 5 (4 of 4)

Tonight two combat sites in Torvi and a visit to a Brothel?!?

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  • DrOgres says:

    @ExaltedLeader Not sure I understand the question… do you mean a PVP ship all the time? that’s pretty much what I do most of the time but just because I’m a bitter old PVP pilot :) it’s not the most efficient way to go about things for sure.

  • ExaltedLeader says:

    How viable is it to play with a direct combat ship in Eve Online?

  • TheLowercasea says:

    For your next ship, you should get something that can fit a few long range launchers, as well as a large drone bay and bandwidth.
    Perhaps a carrier?

  • DrOgres says:

    @295414417 I’ll cover that first thing in part 6.

    thanks for watching!

  • 295414417 says:

    can u tell how U do ur targeting in the vertical? Nice videos ..looking ahead too see more when u comeback :)

  • Jeff55369 says:

    @DrOgres I did check out hotkey navigation a little, it looks interesting. Load up singularity if you haven’t and check it out.

    Also, the incursion testing on there is insane. We had a fleet of about 20 people go into an incursion site and 90% of us lost our ships. One of the guys got focused and his Legion insta-poped.

    I was also testing out hybrid range on a mega and was able to hit people at 215-245km. I laughed to myself thinking they couldn’t hit me, then got hit by 2k+ arty damage. :(

  • DrOgres says:

    @Jeff55369 No Worries. I was really just looking forward to the explosions! I have pulled mostly things like Janitors and tourists out of buildings before (why are tourists in some serpentis factory?)

    I am looking forward to the new hotkeys it is my understanding we will be able to navigate the overview, target, and do the basic approach/orbit/warp/align without clicking a thing. that will be a great day.

    I’ll get the projectile skills added after I wrap up the basics on drones i think.

  • Jeff55369 says:

    Sorry for the bad intel on blowing up the structures, the ones I had encountered allowed you to do that. They don’t always drop loot, but sometimes they do.

    there are no drone hot-keys on default, you have to set them up. I reactivated my account for 5 days last week & was able to play around on SiSi. I noticed they will have hot-keys for Incursion, but they suck, I recommend changing them to something more useful.

    Hybrids do suck, use ac for vexor and myrm as there are no hybrid bonuses.

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