Let’s Play Eve Online – Part 4 (2 of 4)

Continuing the exploring we find a Serpentis Combat Site in Gerper

12 Responses to “Let’s Play Eve Online – Part 4 (2 of 4)”

  • TheAlpinesub says:

    gallente FTW!!

  • TheColonelCommisar says:

    @DrOgres Thanks a bunch! Love the vids by the way.

  • DrOgres says:

    @TheColonelCommisar each race has one or two that are good/popular. Gallente: Thorax, Vexor Amar: Maller, Arbitrator Caldari: Caracal, Blackbird Minmatar: Stabber, Rupture your skills and desired role in a gang will determine which is best for your needs.

  • TheColonelCommisar says:

    Hey quick question, what cruiser is the most balanced/popular?

  • OddBall0011 says:

    @DrOgres rifter is just awesome sauce, right now ive got a stealth bomba tho =D

  • DrOgres says:

    @OddBall0011 Rifter is my favorite frigate. just so flexible and deadly.

  • OddBall0011 says:

    @DrOgres lol, my dad made me an epic fitting for a rifter, everything is T2 apart from the rifter, as they are cheap, only 12mil isk to fit it =D ive got a shield tanked rifter, and an armor tanked rifter. i spend half of my day looking for WT’s so i can pop em lolz

  • DrOgres says:

    @OddBall0011 even up close you should be able to get under the tracking of large guns. you just have to watch out for bait ships with heavy tanks and smaller guns…. like my vexor for instance…

  • OddBall0011 says:

    1 tip for people who like huge ass ships. the bigger they are, the easier to kill.
    as frigates are 2 fast for the battleship guns to track them, so basicoally your a suicide bomber in a huge hunk of crap. basicoally, frigates at 1k m/s a battleship with guns at 500 m/s tracking, will not be able to deal any damage, until the frigate is orbiting at extremely close range. if ur ever stuck in a situation like this when ur in battleship. always bring drones, they will kill the frigates

  • DrOgres says:

    @notm3h I want my vexor pretty badly at this stage just for the two more drones. But I think before I drop the ISK on a cruiser I really should skill up the T2 Gallente Drones… those towers take a long time to pull down with just three (or two) drones.

  • notm3h says:

    That was one hell of a long fight.

  • Jeff55369 says:

    You asked whether or not its good to individually control drones. I think you did an excellent job. During missions its good to pull them all back so the mission agro’s you, but its seems like the plex is switching targets.

    When I flew a myrm, I had squadrons of drones in my bay for different purposes. light, med, electronic, rep…I called combat squads: alpha, beta, delta, ect.

    As a drone user, you’ll want to set hot keys for controlling your drones. You can do that in your settings.

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