Let’s Play EVE Online: Part 22 – Incarna Review + PvP

In this episode I talk about what I like and don’t like about Incarna and show a little bit of my pvp exploits from the past few days. Unfortunately, I forgot to talk about the turrets which were introduced with Incarna. I actually really liked the turrets a lot.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • vitallycool says:

    @MrEarling Sorry, it’s just who I am I guess.

  • MrEarling says:

    you do a good video series and are very honest..

    But Unsubscribed Due to your language.
    Speak with out swearing and you will get more subs

  • santiagometalmilitia says:

    dude what are your pc specs?

  • jettrono says:

    CCP zulu said that the gut’s part of incarna will be released later this year, possible in 3 months, it is a rolling release. for now, i suppose its just getting players use to the “new” walk controls, so we don’t look like walking dumb ass’s at a bar or walking into a wall because we cant navigate well.

    a side note, this is all new tech, i actually was expecting this release to kinda backfire or lag the servers beyond playability.

  • Medevila says:

    EVE will be incrementally updated until it becomes The Matrix.

  • tearharvester says:

    @vitallycool test server is on a diff server node ( a testing node they can back up and remove or modifie faster) so it’s not unususal for things to run fast then die a bit with the live debue. But i think the extent of it this time is a bit to much. FIX the fucking lag first , tweek gamplay in small bits , then fix the lag again , add new stuff ,fix lag again . but this is to much game breaking mechanics put live when CCp knew thare wher many isues CCP fucked this up bad

  • themanwiththepan says:


    I mean, it would not even let me start up the game!

  • krockeschinski says:

    @krockeschinski i meant two pilgrims ofc ;)

  • krockeschinski says:

    @darklenon1 with two curses, with web/scram/neuts and tracking disruptors? yes it is :)
    Vitallycools answer makes sense though

  • vitallycool says:

    @eveonline247 I’ll take a kill any way I can get it. 3 kills + pods but they are all scanner alts? Fuck yeah, sure I’ll take that.

  • Jeff55369 says:

    Good episode. I agree with you that the loading screen is gay, seems like they could lose people over it if it doesn’t get fixed. That said, eve will never die, there will always be new people coming to it.

    Last time I bought plex they cost roughly 250mil, :P but that was over a year ago.

    Walking in closets is a good name, they should change it to that.

  • KaosEspada says:

    i played the 14 day trial and EVE ran smoothly on my labtop, and its a labtop that isnt meant for video games. Great job CCP for making medium PCs capable of playing your game! :D

  • vitallycool says:

    @ChrisArnol9010 That’s what I found so odd. I never encountered the loading screen on the test server and everything seemed to load faster than docking before walking in stations.

  • ChrisArnol9010 says:

    @vitallycool I am glad you aren’t considering quitting, i love your videos. I personally don’t think CQ was worth the release on tranquility, it would’ve been better to keep it on SiSi and let it develop there until more areas become available.

    Also, that loading screen… I have never had a loading time as bad as that myself, I find it is quicker than the old loading screen lol.

  • eveonline247 says:

    Thanks for giving me an insight on Incarna!
    I enjoyed watching your PvP as well, even though not much happened.

  • vitallycool says:

    @ChrisArnol9010 Oh yeah. I’m definitely not quitting EVE anytime soon nor predicting its downfall. I think Incarna can lead to amazing things. I just have mixed feeling about the implementation. It’s going to get better. (but seriously, that loading screen?)

  • ChrisArnol9010 says:

    It is sad to see so many eve players saying R.I.P to Eve because they jump the gun. If your PC can’t handle it you can turn it off, it looks shitty but at least your CPU doesn’t explode. I have heard people whine about how CCP is going to change isk to Aurum and eve will be dead. It is fucking dumb and people just need to chill the fuck out for once. Well done CCP for moving forward and increasing EVE’s gameplay value.

  • ChrisArnol9010 says:

    @themanwiththepan You can turn off CQ in the esc menu.

  • darklenon1 says:

    @krockeschinski Is not that easy to beat a mach.

  • vitallycool says:

    @krockeschinski There were several others. We spent the next hour trying to escape those systems. We stirred up a hornets nest during that fight.

  • vitallycool says:

    @Massa191 I recorded this last night, after the patch. I’m just a little upset about implementation and I don’t understand the loading screen. I didn’t encounter it on the test server.

  • Massa191 says:

    Loading screen is fixed by update for an update after something is broken thingy :) . And this is working towards walking on station. This is just the first step towards it, as it is really planned. Drug running will become personal in stations :) .

  • krockeschinski says:

    Why did you run away from the machariel in two pilgrims? you can easily tracking disrupt and nuet him.

  • themanwiththepan says:

    My computre could not handle Incarna, no PS3, so I had to unsubscribe. Cannot afford a new computre.

  • HowlingBloodWolf says:

    That loading screen is faster like faster then when it wasn’t like that. Also i hear you saying how they should have put more in. I agree but at the same time this is the first time CCP has every do this and this is a test to see if they can get it to work before putting out more. Because would you want to put out everything at once and see it don’t work a cause the whole sever to crash for god know how long.

    P.S cool pvp like your dramel

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