Let’s Play: Eve Online, New Player Experience Part 3

My third Eve Online video covers jumping, navigation, the UI, more missions, NPC ships, and more fun. Please make sure to comment and leave suggestions!

Getting intel before you wardec is a must. Knowing who your going to be fighting is very good intel, other then if they get out side help. www.eve-kill.net

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  • HyperNerdUK says:

    remember isk efficency its not how our kill/loss ratio is. Its how much isk do we do damage to recieved isk ratio, thats really important for example; say i use 10 frigs to kill one battleship the isk ratio will be in the favour of my 10 frigs even though they took ten losses to one kill.

  • Jake eve says:

    ahh yes good point, but i did not mean it in a bad way, I was just trying to point out to ppl that they can look at the kills, but valid point efficiency does play a good part, thanks for pointing that out.

  • HyperNerdUK says:

    Saying our kills/loss ratio is bad meh look at our efficiency 72.29% @ 06:31 so u know i would recon we’re not 2 shit.

  • JBr8900 says:

    Fuck yeah im an advanded player! lol! @ 05:19

    Enjoy the wars man you’ve earned them! oh, and, great vids! keep it up!

  • Jake eve says:

    aha ty thought it was a bit odd, I am very impressed by your corps unity, thats the type of corps ppl should be joining …nice…

  • HyperNerdUK says:

    We had an internal tournament thats why we’re on each others kill mails.

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