Let’s Play: Eve Online, New Player Experience Part 15

New Ships! I show off my new caracal and its fitting. I also take it out on its first missions after showing off my new Iteron. We also get to see Minmitar stations and gates.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

All music and videos featured here are free to download from the main website. Screen shots were found using Google Images. I do not take credit for making any of this, only compiling them together for this video. I am using this under the fair use law. If I did in fact violate a copyright, I will remove this video without a fuss. I do not play EVE Online, but I think the visuals and music are absolutely beautiful. I did sign up for a trial twice, but the game was too boring for me. I had hoped to experience things such as in this video, but maybe 14 days wasnt enough time to develop my character…I dont know. Track List: 0:00 – I Saw Your Ship 0:53 – It’s Full of Stars 1:40 – Modern Thinking 2:47 – Safe Trade Routes 3:43 – The Dealer 5:05 – Do You Know Where You Are

2 Responses to “Let’s Play: Eve Online, New Player Experience Part 15”

  • LotusDragon09 says:

    Yeah, I listened to the music before I played the game as well. Id be willing to play it again if it was free or at least much cheaper. $15 a month just doesnt seem worth it to me. Im looking forward to Dust 514 though.

  • GulStraxus says:

    Nice vid! I actually listened to music from EVE for about a year before I actually played it. ( had a crap computer that wouldn’t have played it for long time)
    EVE takes a special dedication. There are times I would be bored as hell with it. It really depends on your corp/alliance. That makes a big difference in how enjoyable the game can be. Once I joined a pirate alliance then the game became wondeful. Just ambush other players in low sec and harvest tears. Good times.

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