Let’s Play EVE Online Episode 3 – What Comes Next

Hopefully my last ‘update’ video! I am just trying to get my standings up with agents and attempting to get the .5 standing to join the militia for some Faction Warfare! Until then I got my Myrmidon and am running missions till the wee ours of night.

Just a bunch of random kills from my fraps folder, i do no longer play eve guest star, Royalsol Union

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  • dementedpilgrim says:

    I’m giving out extended 21 day free trials for EVE. MSG me with your email, and I will hook you up. Now is a great time to try this game, and if you subscribe after 21 days I will give you 100 million in game currency!!

  • Lysergesaure1 says:

    Nice. I’d rather put a passive shield tank on a myrmidon, although training shield skills on a starting Gallentean toon can be a waste of time, so overall nice setup you have there :)

  • Evilmike42 says:

    I prefer a good old Domi, myself.

  • Lemekie says:

    Not enough adrenaline? Dude you have to be sitting in stations all day or doing missions in empire, go hop into some hefty pvp and you will see how much adrenaline this game generates, more than any game by far

  • QALMgaming says:

    I love the Myrmidon, although unfortunately I lost my original Myrmidon that I had bought about 4 months ago to a level 4 a few days ago!
    I run a pretty standard fit, but when you hop on eve send me mail or start a conversation, maybe be able to connect and do something!

  • SergeantBeans says:

    MYRMIDON ROOLZ!!! It’s so versatile
    btw: I’ve been playing for a while (maybe a year and a half) and I’m still not very good mostly b/c I’m so busy; it takes me a while to get money and stuff and do tend to have a bit of trouble running lvl 3 missions :| Though I did follow a very similar path to you; started out with a Tristan, then Vexor, Myrm then Mega (technically I started flying my mega before a BC, BIG MISTAKE lol). Maybe when I renew my subscription you can show me what you usually do :)

  • SergeantBeans says:


  • DKMinecraftServer says:

    Hello! Nice video :)

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