Let’s Play Eve Online – Episode 25

Off to San Matar in Derelik we continue to pursue incursion fleets. learn a little about what they are looking for and do some solo work. —————————————————— Website: www.theelitegamers.com Twitter www.twitter.com (@TheEliteGamers) Facebook: www.facebook.com Live Stream: www.theelitegamers.tv Toolbar www.theelitegamershd.ourtoolbar.com ——————————————————

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  • TheEliteGamersHD says:

    Yes we do. We contacted him back around Episode 23, but due to us not having partner / permission to upload extended(Over15minutes) videos, we were unable to upload any of his let’s plays – instead we advertised his noobswarm live-stream.
    If you check on his channel he even has our intro on these videos. At the moment he appears inactive and has yet to respond to our message regarding our newly acquired Partnership. So until he becomes active we need to make do with ep’s after ep23.

  • matt282886 says:

    @TheEliteGamersHD Do you have DROgres permission to post this to you Channel? I ask because you have no link to his Channel and this is an old video

  • skitzophreniccow says:


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