Let’s Play Eve Online – Episode 13 – Part 2 of 3

And we go into the incursion! the fleet we met up with did a fantastic job a salute to: alena redruth artheh asaface baliagha cedeon d’arbiter gantrithor105 lakut recalesence Great job guys! Auratec and I then move to a combat site. more to come!

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Some strange cloaked object on the EVE Online title screen. Look close. Glitch at several intervals. 12seconds/22seconds/31seconds/38seconds

27 Responses to “Let’s Play Eve Online – Episode 13 – Part 2 of 3”

  • goliathlup1 says:

    i saw that comming…

  • RustyWater6 says:

    sorry, but you guys got raped XD

  • crossforced says:

    wait what was 3 billion?

  • DrOgres says:

    @TheAngelokie that was my thinking as well… I think they have secondary armaments as well though so a logi or two might not be uncalled for

  • TheAngelokie says:

    They were stealth bomers so the bigger the ship the more dmg, going in smaller ships like your vexor with a rep chain of drone you would have done well.

  • SonsOfSek says:

    Couldn’t you have tried mass destroyers in therey a group of thrashers with the right fit could have won and the tank for the group would be pure numbers just my 2 cent

    Btw this is bassanese123 new account the guy who named your ship :P

  • Alkarin11 says:

    @DrOgres meh fair enough. love your vids btw :)

  • Jeff55369 says:


  • DrOgres says:

    @Jeff55369 !! see now that’s a great idea… ah well next time… although I’ll be in a battle cruiser this week so maybe not as cheap for me next time. we shall see. although the last I looked all the incursions were in 0.0 and one in deep amarr lowsec might have to wait for them to cycle back somewhere close enough.

  • Jeff55369 says:

    should have told them all to bail when you were pointed. since yours is the least expensive.

  • DrOgres says:

    @PaladinFury Yes, thanks for letting us observe. :)

  • PaladinFury says:

    <--D'Arb ;) You got a nice vid it seems!

  • DrOgres says:

    @nodytx yeah we did try to get logisitcs but we would have needed two (a lone logi is a dead logi) and those torps did take me aback. a lot of DPS from frigates. the drones did a good job of killing them but we just didn’t have tank for it. next time!

  • DrOgres says:

    @Alkarin11 never let that stop me from getting back into a fight in pvp not about to start now ;) especially if there is a fleet mate in trouble.

  • Alkarin11 says:

    You should have waited till you had full armor again and full cap before you warped back in.

  • nodytx says:

    i sent you a mail the day the incursions went live with everything to expect. although i forgot to add the fact that they use torpedos………

  • DrOgres says:

    @calvin8hobbs yeah, they use both lazors and torps. so more like an overpowered stealth bomber than a standard frig. I would wonder if a group of assault frigates might fare better than large ships… but not sure they hit pretty dang hard regardless.

  • calvin8hobbs says:

    Was that just frigs doing all that dps?

  • deathbringer5390 says:

    so yea it took me about 40 seconds to die in a drake great -_- but i still got the new one

  • starbomber says:

    Who was the guy with the really strong accent?

  • DrOgres says:

    @Midgetdragon1234 it’s hard to get optimal ship composition on a pick up fleet a couple scimitars would have made a HUGE difference.

  • DrOgres says:

    @JonnyPew No one laughed harder than I did. :) it was fun and that’s what I’m in this for.

  • Stomeruk says:

    Hey dont feel so bad, its not like i had flown in it befor, i have most of the skills but i havent gotten to level4 missions so a CNR was just sitting there doing nothing :P

  • Midgetdragon1234 says:

    That poor guys raven :(

  • JonnyPew says:

    Ahahaha! I feel so bad for you guys. Sorry for laughing at your tragedy.

  • zakor33 says:

    its the Revenant in super sneeky “you’ll nevah get my BPC” mode

  • CrustyBottom says:

    Someone said it was one of the new ships that was cloaked, or one that they are supposed to release (or did). Meh.

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