Let’s Play Eve Online – Episode 13 – Part 1 of 3

an Incursion! We get our fleet together and head out to see what we can see. —- Skills update: Cov ops is finished, just wrapping up Cloaking 4 and will be ready to fly our covert ops frigate. Next on to Battlecruiser (although am considering skipping it and going Battleship…) by request the dev blog entry is here: www.eveonline.com :)

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  • Grabpowa says:

    Eve Gate is quite the sight.

  • DrOgres says:

    @icaru34 Fraps to record. I compile all the chunks that Fraps spits out in Virtual Dub and do my final editing in Vegas HD (the cheap one :) )

    Thanks for watching!

  • icaru34 says:

    I linked to here from the ccp article and don’t know if you’ve already answered this question, but what did you use for the screencapture?

  • DrOgres says:

    @Jeff55369 I think two logi’s plus say rep drones would have done the trick. (need to add those to my skill plan next) but one logi is as good as dead. I am definitely most interested in getting back out to do more of these, it is the most challenging PVE i have seen by far. Just a little hard to get a pick up fleet organized… will have to make a greater effort in the future.

    and thanks for the compliment and as always thanks for watching!

  • Jeff55369 says:

    I haven’t done any of these in highsec, but the ones we did in null on the test server were brutal. When you mentioned you didn’t have any logi, I didn’t think you had much chance. To run similar sites as you’re attempting, I think we were using 3-4 logis and still lost ships. I have heard some people have run 5-6 spider tanking t3′s fairly easily through some of the lower sites.

    Congrats on getting noticed by CCP, you deserve it. There were a few attempts at LP’s before, but yours is the best.

  • surrealXXI says:

    @DrOgres Hope so, im working on fitting out a harbinger at the moment =D low skills though, rushed into it a little bit lol

  • Stomeruk says:

    No sadly, without even 1 logistic ship we had no chance….but hey it was only 3 billion isk :P

  • DrOgres says:

    @Stomeruk :)

  • DrOgres says:

    @TheSoapbox77 i suspect our timezones will cause trouble but I hope you can get in fleet as well. fingers crossed :)

  • DrOgres says:

    @surrealXXI maybe next time :)

  • DrOgres says:

    @Enlight3nd I edited it into the description as the comments don’t like urls :)

  • Enlight3nd says:

    Could you link the EvE online shout out to DrOgres?

  • surrealXXI says:

    Thanks for the invite man, this is wafflz from game ;) Unfortunately i couldnt make it out XD

  • TheSoapbox77 says:

    Dammit. I wasn’t there to assist. hope I get to fleet with ya Doc.


    @Stomeruk Spoilers, dangit. :3 I was hoping you would have been able to get out.

  • Stomeruk says:

    Oh and doc, youll be happy to know i did get my navy raven replaced about 2 hours after we did the event

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