Kil2 PVP – Solo Commentary 7

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Video Rating: 0 / 5 The Kane Files: Life of Trial (2010) Action – In Production’ CastCredited cast: Drew Fuller … Scott Kane Ethan Embry … Jace Olsen William Devane … Thompson William Atherton … Daniel Morgan Whitney Able … Anna Kane Eve Mauro … Wendy Olsen Paul Rae … Jeremy Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Scott Beringer … Max Godling (as Scott Clark Beringer) Chris Gann … Officer Tod Huntington … Greenie David Quane … Detective Leanna Pareja … Nurse Jackie Jandrell … Liz Anita Lugliani … Jeanette Chantel Flanders … Teri

23 Responses to “Kil2 PVP – Solo Commentary 7”

  • Amber Turnbull says:

    omg its been so long since ive seen him in anything new!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is to good

  • 931128jenjen says:

    i really like him… he’s a great actor… he’s sooo handsome…!

  • aratiranjit says:

    Let me say that in this movie is a raw, powerful passion that carries this and making it one of the best of our time…some of the skills these actors have are just amazing. It is a superb movie, well acted with a great sounds and pictures.. It is recommended. You can find this movie at ‘daving info’ and watch it in the high quality for free!

  • darkkillswitch says: found good quality here..

  • LadyFiera says:

    Good to know. Do you know when?

  • trgourley says:

    yes the movie will definitely be released in germany

  • LadyFiera says:

    Does anyone know if this movie will be released in Germany?

  • BradlyGouldj says:

    Just saw this film yesterday on… I thought it was going to be more of an action film. But it’s more of a drama/action. It can be confusing at some parts but other than that it was great. My rating it 4 out of 5 stars.

  • FeUeRhErZgIrL says:

    Saw the movie today ;-)
    It wasn’t hard to understand at all =)
    and i think i don’t need to say that it was absolutely brilliant?! ;-)

  • go7in says: mail me for link i have this film!!

  • jenaosa1224 says:

    did this movie ever come out in theaters? how disappointing.

  • AshleyHalliwell3 says:

    When did this movie come out?

  • jenaosa1224 says:

    where is this film? this movie is playing hide and go seek, and im losing terribly. i can’t seem to find it anywhere. i would love to see it, but can’t find any dvd release date, or any online version of the film. ha it’s quite an illusive motion picture :)

  • carderbabe0817 says:

    Where can i watch this online? cant seem to find it i really would love to see it!

  • FaithInEveryone says:

    I wanna see everything Drew Fuller is in!

  • Murderendeight says:

    That’s right , sometime without translation it’s even better ! But with all those action scene , they will probably often speak very fast it will be probably hard to understand everything !

    PS: Ahah we’re everywhere !=)
    PS: Ahah we’re everywhere !=)

  • FeUeRhErZgIrL says:

    without translations is not that bad… the most important thing is, that i can watch it ;-) where ever, i don’t mind… i just want to watch it^^ so it’ll on the internet i guess :)
    thanks for answering
    ps: the persons from switzerland are obviously like everywhere in youtube ;) i always find those, who are from switzerland here… just by accident ;)

  • Murderendeight says:

    : Oh you’re from Switzerland too ? ^^

    This is an independent feature film , I don’t really know what that means , but the word ”independent” is always associated with movie that are never in the cinemas from our country…I bet that the only way that we will able to watch this movie is without french translation (or german for you) and on the internet…

  • FeUeRhErZgIrL says:

    i looked everywhere…. when will this movie be in the cinemas in switzerland? Damn… it has to be good. i really want to see it, but i can’t find e date or something about the premiere anywhere…

  • vivamovietrailers says:

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  • TroubleTwin2 says:

    I really really really want to see this!

  • surber34 says:

    For more Drew Fuller become a fan on Facebook of The Kane Files. Help us promote Drew! He won best actor at the San Diego Film Festival.

  • mallikahd says:

    Oooh, I wanna seeeeee! :)  Drew Fuller <3

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