Jumpgate Evolution

Jumpgate, Netdevils long running space mmo is evolving.. GOTO www.jumpgateevolution.com to see the latest info and sign up for Beta.

24 Responses to “Jumpgate Evolution”

  • vorlon31 says:

    Jummpgate evolution will never happen, however there is now Squad Wars to look forward to and back on kickstart. Avoiding publisher meddling!

  • Keygens4all says:

    If you want try this game in Open Beta click in this link.

  • tsnyder700 says:

    … I… I miss Freelancer…

  • epikphaylle says:

    Is this game going to have any similar features to Freelancer? I meant ship controls, because freelancer was very very fun to play, and friend mentioned that Jumpgate Evolution may have some similiar features to Freelancer.

  • LegendaryGoldDragon says:

    Pitty Netdevil/Codemasters go greedy, most likely Gazillion well sue them get the money they used to keep the game running longer, and cancel support of the game.
    This well black ball Codemasters/Netdevil and the game well likely becoem Vaporeware.

  • strictlynineties says:

    the game has been delayed several times dating back 2 years. It now has a scheduled release date of March 1st 2011.

  • Monkey8954 says:

    It says on IGN that this game was released on August 31st 2010. Does anybody even play this game? Whats going on?

  • GOODKyle1 says:

    Get the Jumpgate Evolution beta at my channel! GOODKyle1

  • mrmaxell222 says:

    you guy buy it then pay a subscription fee i think. i know you gota buy it.
    But theres a upcoming F2P space game called blackprophecy. Its got real time control like this game, no eve point and click, but hands on fast past action.

  • latteanka says:

    Yes, JGE got claws, and it can rip. RAWR

    lol ^^

  • sOnNy3003 says:


  • Helge129 says:

    No idea, but I play EVE via PLEXes anyway (So, instead of paying, I let other players do that for me, and buy their PLEXes, which cost between 300 and 400 million credits.

  • zoq2 says:

    eve is sweet but it´s so expensive, do u know if jumpgate will have a monthly fee or one time payment??

  • lunewhite says:

    this Is not jumpgate evolution this is Jumpgate what a fu cktard hope this div is on my server.

  • Sovi3tskiy says:

    hope theres more to it then just dog fights, that would get boring after a while….. and id love for u to have your own small cargo ship as base for other fighters

  • jyoung0000 says:

    some people just aren’t ever satified with anything.

  • Helge129 says:

    Are you stupid or have a really bad taste or something? EVE ain’t shitty, and probably has some of the most beatyful spaceships ever.

  • Buron163 says:

    HOPE it’s not like shitty EVE with impossible ugly ships and disgusting human races

  • TheValiance says:

    the combat in eve is so boring its scary. I dont see what the appeal is. Id sacrifice graphics for actually being able to play a good game anyday.

  • cheshcat1 says:

    eve is really great if you enjoy boring games.

  • wertdman says:

    Well that’s because when you die, you say oh **** that cost me the equivalent of $50, not, i’ll just go and revive my dead body cuz I’m a noob and died.

  • Crowtar says:

    i tried eve for awhile, and found it quite tedious

  • karlosftw says:

    if u wanna buy a space game – get eve online, this looks shocking! yes eve may take a while to get going but ive been playing a month and already killing players with my fleet/corp/alliance that have been playing for several years!

  • muranziel says:

    Yay Widescreen resolutions! =)

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