Journeys – [Eve Online Machinima Test]

This is the result of some testing/playing with the advanced camera option in Eve Online, then half a day of editing. I’m thinking I probably won’t do another one of these again, despite the visuals, and while the camera tool is a nice thought it isn’t too useful (unless I have no idea what I’m doing, which is likely). Anyways, another addition to the upload count is always welcome, so I hope you enjoy. PS: I just realized, it needs moar noames. PPS: Let’s just say there were gnomes on the ship, the GISV Manastorm. Yes. Programs: Eve Online Fraps After Effects CS4 Premiere Pro CS4 VirtualDub Song: The Face of Boe – The Doctor Who Television Soundtrack

Video Rating: 5 / 5

5 Responses to “Journeys – [Eve Online Machinima Test]”

  • yourtube2784 says:

    As a test I’d say that went well. I am now looking forward to the real thing.

  • Sruba4 says:

    Great ! :) 

  • asimov383 says:

    Very niiiiiiiiiiiice! xD

  • BaronSoosdon says:

    Nono, no way – no gnomes here! Do not let those puntable things ruin these beautiful spaceships and spaceplaces! Moar, I say, moar! The next time you make something like this, please do advertise it at #machinima. Excellent work!

  • TheGreyfoo says:

    Hello Kamansus,

    A very well-chosen piece of music! There’s something so… so sad and haunting about a future where people are *still* mass-murdering each other.

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