Jeff Waynes Spartacus Highlights

Released in 1992, as kind of like a squeal to WOTW, with everyone hoping it would have similar success. Well unfortunately it didn’t and got really bad reviews. But I kind of liked it and found that there is hardly any information on this grate album online, So this video shows some of the art work and has some quick samples of this great album, and I hope that one day it get re-released and is slight better appreciated next time round. Enjoy.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Kevin Mullen says:

    I love Spartacus. A seriously underrated album. Agreed with the poster that it features a lot of 90′s sound effects but that doesn’t really detract from the enjoyment of the album.

    Don’t compare Spartacus to TWOTW, they are two totally different albums and the uploader of this vid shouldn’t have said it was released as a kind of sequal,

    I watched an interview ith Jeff Wayne and he is hoping to re-release the album, updating it and perhaps adding more “real” instruments.

  • davycrocketful says:

    well..from what i have heard so far..its very good indeed..

  • glammer says:

    Heh, my mate sang the part of Spartacus. He’ll be chuffed somebody liked it. I was going to upload some old demos of the band we had going before it fell apart when Alan went off to do the promo for this. He’s still gigging, playing Neil Young and Creedence covers around Edinburgh.

  • thechino says:

    Great stuff. A little too over-saturated with 90s sound effects, but the story itself is great, and Alan King’s vocals are fantastic.

  • leonard5640 says:

    A brilliant work and every bit as good as WOTW in a copletly different sort of way.
    So pleased I got my copy on its release. Why it did not take off I dont know. A lot of people do not know what they are missing.

  • leonard5640 says:

    Brilliant album, why it never took off I don,t know. So pleased I bought my copy on its release. People dont know what they are missing. As brilliant as WOTW in a completly different sort of way

  • VGRetro says:

    I had to listen to this three times before I got into it. But now, I think it’s even better than War of the Worlds, because it’s a more tragic story, with more characters to feel emotion for.

  • VGRetro says:

    Understandable about not showing us some of the paintings, but would you kindly be able to tell me just how many paintings were made for the album?

  • VGRetro says:

    Anyone who has given a negative review of this album have all done the same thing: They were comparing it to War of the Worlds. I don’t know if I’m a minority in this, but isn’t that the most unfair and heartless excuse not to like this album. You might consider it a legitimate criticism, but imagine if someone was to criticise Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd for not being like Batman. You can’t do it. It’s the exact same principle with this album, and it shouldn’t be compared like that. It’s wrong.

  • earthacademy says:

    I thought it was Trey Parker doing one of his parodies from SouthPark when I first heard it. :-P

  • youbessetube says:

    Great and largely underestimated album. I think people are scared away by the greater variety of music styles (compared to WOTW). Love it, owning the double CD.

  • drlargepants says:

    this is horrid

  • betsycoates says:

    15 years it took me to find this album. Finally found a copy in a $5 bargain bin.

    It’s kind of awful, but in a good way.

  • farnzash says:

    I agree with you when I first heard Spartacus I fell in love with it and I have been looking for it for a year now!

  • stevenlennon1979 says:

    Very underestimated, I have been looking for the full album on youtube, I bought it shortly after buying war of the worlds on CD and I was impressed with it, I have since lost it due to moving. You have to consider that WOTW was ahead of its time and a massive success in films and with Jeff. I thought this was amazing and still is. thanks for uploading it amigang

  • ben2692 says:

    This is by no means another war of the worlds but it is still a fantastic underrated work. Managed to get a CD from e-bay and I love it.

  • ArkadyRose says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the copyright issues of brief samples from Spartacus – the master was deleted in 1999, so I doubt very much anyone’s going to come after you for a short YouTube excerpt.

    I have Spartacus on cassette tape; I really wish they could rerelease it or I could track down a CD copy, because I actually rather like it. People slated it at the time because I think they were expecting “WOTW 2″, when Spartacus is actually a very different beast.

  • Xenajo says:

    Anyone who hasn’t heard this before, give it a chance it is very different from The War of the Worlds. It does take a bit of getting used too but it is really good. Historically Jeff is spot on with the history, Anthony Hopkins is great but I admit I find Catherine Zeta Jone annoying with her over pronounced speaches. If you can get through her it’s a very cool album and well worth getting.

  • Damiancollier says:


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  • brado426 says:

    Ouch! I see the CD is now $60 on Amazon. Come to think of it, I actually bought my $40 copy used on Amazon.

  • brado426 says:

    Great album. I bought it for $40 off ebay and love it. Too bad no one else agreed with me. :)

  • Frankingsteins says:

    Thanks for posting this, I’ve been curious to hear it for ages, but don’t think I’ll be buying it now!

  • Martianfan says:

    I love Jeff Wayne`s War of the Worlds. I wish i have Spartacus. :(

  • doomedone666 says:

    I love Sparatcus. I have the full thing but it didn’t come wth booklet. Thanks so much for the pics.

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