Is t3 overpowered?

20k views \o/ Read description. I test my hero tank for my loki on the test server, in all I tank 9 ships and then a carrier has to come in to kill me. Music: Pendulum – Hold you colour

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  • Stephen Duerr says:

    If anyone wants a 21 day trial (normally, they are only 14 days) send me a message and I’ll hook you up. And I’ll throw in some ISK to start you off too.

  • EveOracle says:

    I win, I win!

  • DarkOps32 says:

    And how might I do that? This video was made nearly 4 years ago.

  • EveOracle says:

    If sir would perhaps prove it~

  • DarkOps32 says:

    No set implants, either. But nice try, ser.

  • EveOracle says:

    If sir would perhaps note that I noted set implants too, he’d have a response for that also. Good night.

  • DarkOps32 says:

    I see. Perhaps if I informed you that this was filmed during the pre-release testing on Singularity, and that most of these mods are meta 4, you will be less ignorant than before you read this reply. Good day.

  • EveOracle says:

    If I could direct sir’s attention to the office mods and set implants that he’d never use in an actual fight…

    You’re as bad as those pilots who go around with AT ships claiming they’re tough as nails but they’d never bring those ships to a fight.

  • TheMastertaco1 says:

    ya its just a pure passive fit , minimul guns and all t2 shield recharge mods and rigs with high ass resists

  • deadlyhydra says:

    i bet they sent you a corp join request xDD

  • deadlyhydra says:

    haha Passive tank i noticed some ships using cap drainers xD

  • beirut1papa says:

    Look at all the grief this video caused lol I like it :)

  • TheFree33333 says:

    Well, he doesn’t appear to be firing.

  • WoolyFetish says:

    Useless post, and Useless poster.
    I very much doubt he would fly this anywhere except the test server. Seeing as this was a test on how much the loki COULD tank. Think before you post.

  • DiamondChrome42 says:

    yeah so nice of you to hide all your tank modules :)

  • dwahuntur says:

    IMHO nothing is too overpowered, the ship you have usually reflects the effort in getting it, so that it requires more effort to get tier 3 than tier 1

  • DarkOps32 says:

    no shield xfers bro

  • Olismith27 says:

    Well was watching with a mate, and it looked like we could see remote shield transporters going off from certain ships being hiddern inside nos’. Which would explain the very eratic shield movement :) . If that is the case, which it looks like tbh hats off, was entertaining to watch either way if it was or wasn’t staged.

  • DarkOps32 says:


  • TheBullmastiff205 says:

    first of all, just like the rest of the homos in test server, you have no [point (useless). you have no damage. you just took a ship and put as much recharge as you could. fucking useless video. useless player

  • Taumantis says:

    thsi is passive tank

  • DarkOps32 says:

    If I could direct sir’s attention to the bottom of the screen where my modules are, sir would notice I lack a shield booster. Or any active modules, for that matter.

  • philm94 says:

    Try repeating the video vs two ships. One of them is a Curse ;)

    All this really proves is that a massive active tank will tank like a champ as long as all the ships shooting it are not setup to deal with it.

  • Olismith27 says:

    lol this is a very cleverly staged video, hats off sir.

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