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50 Responses to “Is It Fair To Blame Video Games?”

  • ludomo says:

    Whenever someone brings up this issue,I think of “Die Leiden des jungen Werthers”. The book Goethe wrote and caused a wave of suicides, all imitating the suicide in the book. It would be wrong to blame the book for killing people or to blame Goethe. However the book did give people that were already struggling with suicide, the extra push to actually commit suicide. These people were already planning to commit suicide and a book, a film, a game, about anything can be that push.It has to resonate

  • TheFrogprince2 says:

    Fear he talks funny.

  • karaokecrew says:

    Clone yourself Markee… We need more of you to go around. ;) I am a level 87 Female Warlock, and I have not tried to raise any undead IRL nor have I committed a violent crime against another human. Spiders, yes, people no.

  • karaokecrew says:

    The thing about violent people, is that they may eat steak or watch violent movies like Saw or something. People find one thing about a person and try to rationalize why, but it is more likely something that happened to them when they were young. A lot of parents don’t do a good job teaching, and that’s sad. I would say if you profiled most violent offenders you will find that they had a bad life experience growing up.

  • karaokecrew says:

    You’re almost mechanical the way you snap that camera around. Pretty awesome.

  • SuperCheeseburgeredd says:

    You make warcraft farming alot less boring thanks for the great vids!

  • Dezzan says:

    what happened to your hair markee

  • purpleshadezable says:

    Granted i understand Daniel wasn’t the only person playing Halo 3, as i know i play it and i would never commit such a act if refused, the end i don’t think anyone can answer the question of that as you might have easier time answering the meaning of life.. i just think people blame Computer games as don’t want to believe that anything else could cause that “there little angel” to commit such a crime. (no offence Markee)

  • BillRoyMcBill says:

    I’m 44, when I was young (before video games were really common and not many people had any kind of home system) they blamed acts of violence and suicide on rock music. People who are going to do things like that are going to do them, and others will blame what ever is around to justify the acts.

    If Lizzy Borden was from our times they would blame rock music and video games, in the 1800′s they probably blamed standing in the moonlight or sneaking a peice of pie.

  • Moonlordnmn says:

    Violence is simply a side effect of competition whether done by humans or other living creatures. If one is trying to out compete for survival, a mate or status most living things behave violently although some have created non-lethal rituals to reduce the casulty lists. With people it has a lot to do with the culture one is in, like America being highly competive is highly violent as well. Blaming something else allows people to avoid either accepting violence or trying to change society.

  • Caldwerld says:

    Yes. That kid needs a lot of help. I don’t think you understand Markee’s point. If you are a human being then you will probably enjoy playing video games. Video games are an easy target because they happen to do with shooting other people in SOME games, but you don’t see people blaming milk on murdering because a lot of murderers drink milk!!

  • Elessar729 says:

    It’s not the video games, that person would shoot people even if it wasn’t about the game

  • dmikeyj says:

    What I would say to that is correlation does not equal causation. Which is pretty much how Markee summed up about the politician in the video.
    I would also ask a question- Was Daniel Petric the only person in the history of Halo 3 who was refused play of the game? (it is slightly rhetorical)

  • shadowtheulti says:

    you have a good thing going for you, just one thing. You have great information and it clears up a lot of questions I have, but you need to work on that timing and delivery and you would bring in a lot more subscribers. Just some constructive criticism that I felt I needed to share. Otherwise it is a great channel and keep up the good work.

  • RavenSV1 says:

    If I recall correctly Grand Theft Auto and Doom are the games that caught the most flak. You can make as many excuses as you want for hurting someone it isn’t going to stop the judge from throwing you in jail. Bad parenting at its finest.

  • purpleshadezable says:

    what about the case of Seventeen-year-old Daniel Petric who murdered his mother and injured his father after they refused to let him play Halo 3 where he walked into his parents’ room and said “Would you close your eyes? I have a surprise for you,” before shooting his Mother 3 times and his father between the eyes. .. Would you say that has anything to do with the Video game or just a kid that need ALOT of help?

  • zonkro says:

    I feel sorry for this guy, he should not live alone. 

  • VKGchaos says:

    I would pay good money to see a Markee Dragon fan appear out of nowhere, slap him on the head and run off..

  • WarmSpringsWarriors says:

    The excuse that employee used is not based in reality. The labor laws that dictate medical leave, and sick leave are they for people that are not of normal ever day healthy individuals. It can run the gambit in life, so it has to be in place.

  • 3dfraud says:

    Dude your house is so awesome… damnit.

  • skidcrack says:

    cant believe the hard work you put in these high quality videos. you should try some view increasing bots to get over the curve

  • rasuli4 says:

    The argument that gamers are more violent is ridicilous.. example me, i’ve been gamer my whole life, progressed from runescape to wow,cs,cod,sc2,lol,dota etc.. and what am i now? A student of practical nursing. :) Keep the vids up man :)

  • Bobby Rare says:

    This. It is only the Company’s Fault if they Force something upon everyone. One bad act by someone that plays video games means Nothing

  • WardogCinema says:

    No, video games should not be blamed. Just like if somebody kills themselves by being addicted to alcohol, nobody blames the beer companies. If you’re so addicted to video games that you act out violent acts in the real world or (with Markee’s employee example) you’re playing so long that you miss work or whatever, you only have yourself to blame.

    It’s not the company’s fault, it’s that you lack restraint.

  • kgotter says:

    America is just one big Mall.

  • psiborg83 says:

    they still stream old games on here (and also a ton of new ones): ht tp://w ww.w00ty. com/sda/stream/

  • EliteSouljaNinja says:

    it or not old games are still fun. I would still play old games! only thing is you can’t play that jap game in a usa console without having in modified

  • tungata8 says:

    actually zelda was released Aug. 22, 1987

  • yarano says:

    Arctic Silver for the win.

  • Dark Linux says:

    I replace my thermal paste every year… And DO NOT BUY THE CRAP STUFF… It really does help to put $25 down for good thermal paste.

  • Pcswheelndeal says:

    lucky your cpu isn’t toast at those temps.. and please lol no paste?

  • Suncross66 says:

    I have it for snes

  • Quik25c2 says:

    Can you stop posting useless comment please

  • bigspook999 says:

    Can you stop calling your bedroom a hone office please


    At the time his store was open, cooling was much less of an issue for CPUs. They simply didn’t put out as much heat; the lower end stuff didn’t even need a fan to go with their heatsink.

  • D Ruiz says:

    Legend of Zelda came out in 1986 and was followed by a TV show in 1989.

  • D Ruiz says:

    Hey, even the best techies forget to plug something in every once in a while :) He does say he’s ADD :)

  • D Ruiz says:

    NOTE to self: Don’t buy used computer equipment from Markee :)

  • OtherworldJudge89 says:

    i would love to see you play through the old Ultima games.

  • 231swift says:

    get beta codes to handout

  • 231swift says:

    Markee you really need to checkout planetside, its kind of similiar to world of tanks / battlefield 3

  • daveitferris says:

    I love how the eyebrows dance the moment he says ‘also known as markus.. in real life’. EVERY TIME.

  • GenerationVideoGamer says:

    92c! LOL No thermal paste… gg… New comp is gonna have a water cooler.. hmm I hope you live stream this build. It will be hilarious.

  • FlashDAH says:

    Looking forward to the computer build videos.

    Also i play world of Tanks alot, normaly for 3hours at a time, was wondering what rough times you normally are online ?
    My most used tank right now is my STUGIII, i thought maybe you should create a Clan “MK-Dragon” the clan ?

    Good Work !

  • Rundas342 says:

    i know, i boguth a fan for it, and changed it from C to F
    Its not at a current 170F
    Still hot

  • WarmSpringsWarriors says:

    Heat destroys laptops. Which is why they are not good for gaming.

  • George Koutsouris says:

    lol no thermal paste

  • zombiealex555 says:

    emulate that shit

  • Bradley Dalton says:

    i have a fucking HUGEE computer tower which has like 4 fans built into it including a 12 inch one. then i have the other fans what are attached to my cpu n powr supply ect so i never overheat.

  • Samyaza1 says:

    Wait, wait, wait… you JUST learned heat is an enemy in computers?!?!?!?

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