Is a Gaming Laptop Good For Gaming Only?

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25 Responses to “Is a Gaming Laptop Good For Gaming Only?”

  • antstar101 says:

    I know this isn’t about gaming laptops, but if you want to get a gaming CPU, I suggest spending around £500 and you would get better performance than any gaming laptop pre-built. Just custom make a CPU :)

  • Lame Male says:

    DreamHack, biggest LAN in the world, like 20,000+ people there each time, so, like you said, LAN gaming isn’t dead

  • bamazudi says:

    gaming laptop, alienware. Same sentence. Lol.

  • leela2010leela says:

    Listen to Markee. I burnt out the video cards on 3 apple laptops from gaming.
    1) GET THE EXTENDED WARRANTY. 2) USE A PROPER LAPTOP COOLER. 3) IF POSSIBLE, get a proper GAMING LAPTOP like Alienware. It has adequate cooling for gaming unlike apple laptops.

  • leela2010leela says:

    Got an Alienware M17xR2 a few years back. Best thing I ever bought, and still use it today.

  • ps2mike1 says:

    no it’s horrible for guild wars 2 sorry.

  • ProTrolly says:

    one thing to think about gaming laptops like gtx580 they half the guts of a desktop gtx580

  • sean caygill says:

    the only use u mean

  • D Ruiz says:

    Use a digital recorder to just “flip on” to make the annotation… and no you forgot the Rennato annotation :)

  • CorvetteBG says:

    You forgot the annotation.

  • karaokecrew says:

    Razer Blade can play games and edit video, it is a bit pricey. Most newer laptops have as much power as a PC. Look for the Ivy Bridge or i7 (3rd gen) laptops. You can edit video on those and play games for about half the price of the Razer.

  • Shugo489 says:

    at 9:54 you forgot the annotation!

  • SynthStudios says:

    Good advice on the laptop question! Renetto (sp?) was left out, btw.

  • Area51T says:

    In my opinion, if you’re going to stay in one place, a desktop is the way to go. But if you’re going to be constantly moving due to your job (Such as the military) then I’d get a laptop.

  • seanS196 says:

    Don’t buy a laptop as your main gaming machine!

  • Verithiell says:

    no as your graphics card is integrated (unless by hd you emant HD Radeon), and therefore is shit and pretty much useless. Only AMD makes good integrated graphics cards (they are really good).

  • donaldfamily773 says:

    my computer system : Aspire intel core i3-370m ,HD graphics, 500GB HDD, 4GB DDR3 memory is this a good laptop to use playing pc game like Guild wars 2.

  • KiraYakimi says:

    Take a shit whilst gaming on your toilet seat is the best use of a Laptop, hands down.

  • PinBallReviewer says:

    I always bring my laptop to conventions.
    I mainly use it to put my photos and videos on my laptop so I can continue taking photos and vids.
    I have a 32GB SD card in my HD camera but some times that is not enough even.
    So it is nice to have a laptop to dump that stuff onto.
    I also bring an external hard drive which is 2TB with me to make a backup of those photos and videos.
    Just in case my laptop goes up in a blaze of fire. xD

  • emjay2d says:

    Markee, I’ve kind of wanted to relate with you for quite awhile. My dad USED to be a pinball fanatic similarly like you were/are. He actually had that Star Trek pinball you spoke of, that looked and played mint condition. In addition to that, he had uhm, Funhouse, and he a few other projects I truly cant remember, in the basement that he regularly worked on. I’m 23 now and really enjoy being able to relate between you and my father. I hope alls well, mark. <3

  • huptyvrak says:

    I love how the video goes from video game laptops to wildlife observation ;)

  • thc024 says:

    least u got to keep the table =] digg tha vids Markee!

  • GenerationVideoGamer says:

    I highly suggest the ASUS Laptops for gaming etc. They are beast for the money IMO. I have a 3 year old G72GX and it is still going strong.

  • yochillman420 says:

    btw answer to question : JACK SHIT

  • yochillman420 says:

    2:36 ..your welcome

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