Interviews Hilmar on Dust 514 and Eve Online

Dust 514 is a first person shooter for Xbox 360 and PS3 that takes place in the EVE Online universe.

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25 Responses to “Interviews Hilmar on Dust 514 and Eve Online”

  • Kosinuss says:

    I hope Dust will come out on PC aswell

  • Soothfish says:

    Hopefully the Dust 514 battles won’t involve destroying my highly expensive EVE planetary colonies…though capturing them would be veerrry interesting.

  • mercurypbteam says:

    ahhh shit this isnt for PC too?

  • MATTHEW4000 says:

    @omegga7jr i think it works both ways, dust will bring to eveonline more noobs for me to keel :P

  • omegga7jr says:

    this is shit!!! sounds like they are using eve to buff dust. and dust is going to leach form eve. dust wont bring any thing to eve players except head aches because the the FPS players just want to shoot shit. they dont give a fuck about the larger view of the eve universe. these games need to be one where a fps player can get a ship and fly, or a polite can get on foot and kick some ass. and why is dust consul only? you CANT inter grade them fully on 2 systems.

  • Zain844 says:


    He’s probably just nervous because he’s on camera. He handled himself quite well though.

  • dave19941000 says:

    When is DUST 514 coming out?

  • ButtersStotch7000 says:

    I’m guessing that they’ll handle the game like this.

    New players will start off playing Factional Warfare as a low risk environment.

    Once they’re comfortable enough, they can hire themselves out as freelance mercs. An EVE player can hire these unaligned mercs at “minimum wage” rates.

    Finally, once the player has met enough people and his rep has grown, he can take it upon himself to either join/create a corp.

  • dbalieiro says:

    amazing interview… thanks! #waiting

  • 8maxthemax8 says:

    at 4:05 the iterviewer ask a question and Hulamr seems SO SCARED!!! it’s very funny!

  • MrTombstoneMedia says:

    they should do high sec planets as part of faction story lines to insure that there is combat always going and for those people who arnt in merc corps and null sec planets for eve alliances

  • FleetCommandRG says:

    @jhughes420 rly? well then i look forward to kicking my boss’s ass on mw2 :)

  • jhughes420 says:

    @FleetCommandRG …i here the 360 and ps3 are supose to join networks in the future anyway

  • IamDuhmb says:

    well think of all the eve players who play console games
    I think most of em do

  • HaloSpartan300 says:

    Wow the creators sure got creative with expanding the EVE universe using two consoles and such. :P

  • Flarehappy09 says:

    I think the idea of connecting eve players with console players will fail epic … the console players gonna do their thing and eve online players their thing or there wont be enough dust 514 … imagine all the eve corporations that want to hire those marines …. there can’t be enough console players to do this

  • sporkwitch says:

    The only thing the Live servers are used for is the same stuff as on Steam, PSN, AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc. use them for: account information, friends list, etc.

    MS also allows the use of their database server to arrange matches, but once those matches start, nothing other than stats touch their server. It’s why no one in their right mind would be willing to pay for it: no game servers.

    In any case, there’s no problem having it on 360: FFXI is on 360 and doesn’t need LIVE to play.

  • ATTAKhq says:

    @m4r3z Eh it depends on the shooter. Gears of war was by far better on the console.
    Also probably one of the greatest shooters ever in my opinion.
    But the gameplay could be affected massively. I’d like to see BF2 style gameplay with more involvement with eve. That would be amazing.
    Because the Original battlefield 2 for the PC is probably still one of my favorite games :]

  • FleetCommandRG says:

    maybe…..but then for whoever only has one system (like myself…360 owner) that sounds pretty lame cause then if your corp or alliance is set to battle for a planet and you can’t participate cause of that……..i call that fucking lame :(
    though i admit i can see that as a way of it working out

  • dr4g0nt4nk3r says:

    Perhaps they will split the universe in two for planet battles; half on 360 and half on ps3

  • m4r3z says:

    Really a shame it will come to consoles.. shooters are crap on consoles.

  • m4r3z says:

    so its not “To Be Announced” ? ^^ :>

  • valcan321 says:

    will probably be out for PC a little later.

  • mountainman1414 says:

    its tba … be aranged

  • mountainman1414 says:


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