In development: Skyward Sphere

The Skyward Sphere program, CCP’s giant leap into space itself, was designed to fulfill a promise made last year following the well-received EVE Online: Crucible expansion. That promise to send the names of all EVE players into the near depths of space inside a replica of an EVE Online capsule. The flight will be streamed live, details to be announced later! The pod and the camera phone attached to it have already been auctioned off for charity, so we better retrieve them after they fall back to Earth…luckily the Icelandic Coast Guard kindly agreed to incorporate the retrieval into one of their scheduled search and rescue exercises. We are closely monitoring the weather forecast for the perfect launch window…so head to the Skyward Sphere website, sign up, and you will be notified in advance: Update: It now looks like we may have a possible launch window at 12 GMT, Wednesday May 9th. Footage of the live event will be made available afterwards. Sincerely, Hal Sagan (@HalSagan) and the EVE Online development team

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  • Mattsfridge says:

    Why people don’t have faith in dust514 I have no idea.. I love CCP!! I love eve although I only played like twice :’( I don’t have a computer now just an iPad :’( but I’m loving the dust beta and CCP I reeeeaalllyy want to be working with you guys when I’m older my games development education should restart this year if my proxy college will answer me -.-

  • wowthungsten says:

    It would be just kick-ass if they just kept developing and developing until one time they announced that they had improved on their technology and made an actual pod so you could feel what it really must be like to be in a pod as you fly. True immersion so to speak.

  • eveonline247 says:

    This is the way an MMORPG should be; CCP are constantly and consistently engaging with their players/audience!
    This is the way to go to CCP! All game companies should learn from the ingenious CCP!
    I highly encourage you (CCP) to continue with your valiant efforts to further improve EVE Online by delivering unique ways to create more mind blowing experiences!

  • thefinn12345 says:

    Was probably mittani… he’s still pissed…

  • brygdomin says:

    8 people are afraid of RL dwarves.

  • MrTitusRbandoline says:

    It never get’s old. No matter how many times i watch Clear Skies.

  • Triokugan says:

    Any chance on getting DUST 514 airsoft weapons?

    Armor sold seperately?

  • zorzerother says:

    well, if you put it this way, I actually feel good about having something realted to me, be at space, even if for such a short time, guess I was too used to all that rocketry at KSP.

  • buzbyX says:

    I truly hope you get ganked.

    mr. chekov jr

  • propjam2 says:

    how about hiring some extra coders or designers to make wis and other promises you made, than spending all this money on pointless PR stunts?

  • trentonx says:

    this is awesome, only ccp lol

    whats next? chess boxing in space?

  • DiamondChrome42 says:

    always like that tune “below the asteroid”

  • TheMagicalTouch says:


  • roflmao02 says:

    Has the hamster been podded yet?

  • Killerkram Lastname says:

    Have you ever programmed before? It takes a lot of time and testing before anything can happen, and those projects (if they are currently trying to do that) are more than likely already funded. Let this company do fun stuff like this, CCP loves their players and do things like this because a lot of us actually like it. There aren’t many companies that will do this for their consumers, especially just for our amusement

  • Killerkram Lastname says:

    I’m totally with you here, The highest I have ever been was in an airplane, but it wasn’t that high up. CCP has given me a chance to imagine a life in space with EVE which is much more immersive than any other sci-fi game, and now they sent my name to space, this is huge and actually makes me feel amazing. I may never go to space but at least a part of me did, amazing to think about since I will never have enough money to go there

  • Noxidot exe says:

    Remember Icelander’s created EVE :)

  • lonesoldier33 says:

    Sounds like something they’d do…

  • lonesoldier33 says:

    Put these pods up for sale!! :D 

  • Ianmundo says:

    wait, “Player’s cash”?? pretty sure that after CCP have delivered the game experience it’s now “their” cash and really it’s nice of them to spend some of it on something fun thousands of players can enjoy instead something just for themselves

  • Sheppier says:

    i forsee…poded !

  • TzunnyNIB says:

    i want a costume & helmet like that of a soldier from dust omg :D

  • Pole Pot says:

    Who is that gay lil gnome ???

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