I’m a celebrity get me out of here- Opening 2008

Updated version at uk.youtube.com

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  • TheHorribleChris says:

    I found the German Opening much better :) 

  • TheDoctorwhoboy says:

    merry christmas :D

  • bakurasprincess1 says:

    this was on of the best years lol george takei and joe swash

  • TheShaz1999 says:

    whens this from

  • Shunt1900 says:

    If you go watch the series 3 version of this you will wonder why the hell they changed it too look like this.

  • MySuperEm says:

    im having a eleb get me outof here party today!!! :)

  • JonnyMG123 says:

    Completely forgot who Carly Zucker even went in, does anyone remember her in there?! lol.

  • 97saoirse says:

    I can’t wait to see like, the Glee actors and stuff on this. It’ll be sooo funny. I can garanty at least four of them on this in the near future. :)

  • McGfgh says:

    ich bin ein star holt mich hier raus is better


    The German intro is cooler :D

  • julZgermany1990 says:

    I like the German one more :)

  • Waluigifan94 says:

    They used it in 2004,2008,2009 and now in 2011. I think for the next season they will think about a new design.

  • chrissi2810 says:

    i agree with you. But who knows how long they will still use the old version in Germany?

  • Waluigifan94 says:

    this logo is not so nice, I’m happy in Germany they still use that one with the star.

  • tiernansteventiernan says:

    better than american by miles

  • ImNotADoctor5 says:

    No they shouldn’t. British broadcasters and productions companies are some of the biggest in the world, because others want to pay them to produce shows elsewhere too.

    If they didn’t produce shows for other countries, British broadcasting would be much smaller then it is today, and Britain would no longer be the world leader in the broadcasting industry. It’s a valuable industry that employees many people in Britain and bring in billions to the our economy.

  • Naddy1201 says:

    LOVE Ant & Dec!

  • XxMentalcasesXx says:

    i love this tune

  • BradleyS95 says:

    This tune so reminds me of “Christmas”! I love it :D

  • MsTotti2010 says:

    cool! die englische version ICH BIN EIN STAR, HOLT MICH HIERAUS!

  • Lemonaderz says:

    There reason I found this video Is because I was looking for a episode when Ant or Dec does a impression of Claw from Inspector Gadget.
    “I’ll get you next time, Gad-get!!”

    It was soo good, but I can’t find it. :(

  • robinsonjamcp says:

    Yeah I was looking for him, I dont know if they had space to fit him on the opening screen.

  • mkfan123321 says:

    im counting down the dayyysss lol

  • CccrazzyKatiie says:

    Way better than the ‘Us Version’ ! No affence too americans like but they should get there own t.v programs !! Im a celeb should be on twice a year ! 3 Weeks in June + 3 Weeks in Novemeber NOW !!! i love it too much xx 11 MONTHS TO GO TILL NEXT ONE LOL X

  • boselectaboy2 says:

    This was the best im a celeb so far

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