If I Have a Disability Should That Allow Me to Bot?

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25 Responses to “If I Have a Disability Should That Allow Me to Bot?”

  • Blackreaper777 says:

    I strongly disagree. Gaming is about fun and having a good time. Well, at least for me. Surely, some people only enjoy games which require “skill” to play and probably pride themselves in that, but you really shouldn’t look down on people who play games for fun, because that makes you a dick. To each their own, as they say.

  • ryley92 says:

    gaming is about skill. if you don’t have skill GTFO and go play LoL .

  • ryley92 says:

    it’s what he does, it’s how he gets the views lolol. he sells himself for the views

  • IzzyisDizzyandFizzy says:

    omg, you need to get to the point, too many urms and errs!

  • AustinEndres says:

    if everyone with aspbergers playing video games was allowed to bot, botting would be commonplace and approved of.

  • ScreamingWalnuts says:

    W8! Interacting with people in real life? Do people still do that??? Could you post the link where they do that?

  • TheKnockedFilms says:

    Thisi s amazing

  • samordra says:

    Greetings Markeedragon,
    I have cerable palsy myself and I’ve always wanted to know what are keyboards that can handle limitations to using both hands(before people troll yes I am serious about having cp). I make it up for my intelligence.Do you think its fair that blizzard limits games like sc2 to 2 hand use?

  • RagabashMoon says:

    I have Asperger’s and can’t keep a job myself. I do not however see how a bot could possibly help me in World of Warcraft. I think IF the OP was serious and not trolling, then maybe actually knowing what specific disability he thinks a bot could help MAYBE, but really I think this sounds like a case of someone trying to milk their disability for special treatment, something I personally despise.

  • bluespy95 says:

    asbergers is a form of autism

  • LegendBaal says:

    OP is a fucking retard.

  • LegendBaal says:

    let him lose subs, OP is a cunt.

  • FredagsAlle says:

    Haha the intro cracked me up

  • Skrisaac says:

    Mapphack1337 he has a disability and games legitimately like an able bodied person, changing the terms and conditions to fit you personally just cannot be done as everyone would start claiming.

  • SaintsGuard says:

    Wheres the stream?

  • DBSpy1 says:

    After Japan,and NY now,I no longer want to live on the beach let the wealthy and rich in Malibu wash away.

  • thisisnotanick says:

    Well its your life so you can do what you want with it, but that doesnt change facts mate.

  • thisisnotanick says:

    Actually I am Norwegian, which is about half a planet away from America.

  • thegamerdude853 says:

    he is an american you fucking spastic cunt.

  • thegamerdude853 says:

    So if someone is going to insult me by calling a fucking american there going to get it right back. I would kill myself if i was a yankey cunt.

  • RazorClaw999 says:

    Oh look an American who needs his mommy to hel;p him see that trying to get others to kiss their ass is wrong

  • R0LLINGMANGO says:

    My friend who is disabled with only having one arm and he refuses to get a prosthetic. He games hardcore on both PC and Xbox. I have never seen him complain or anything. He is actually a very good gamer. Its pretty amazing to watch, I still don’t understand how he does it.

  • thisisnotanick says:

    That makes you a hypocrite mate.. Because someone said something you feel insulted by, you respond with personal insults? By definition, that is hypocrisy.

  • thegamerdude853 says:

    Because i got called an American which is a personal insult of its own. Thats about the worst thing somebody could call me.

  • thisisnotanick says:

    If there was a internet police, you would probably be sharing a cell with thegamerdude.

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