Hundar Hungers – Dust 514 @ EVE Fanfest! Click here to watch HUNDAR HUNGERS – Illidan’s Warglaives Skyrim Mod HUNDAR HUNGERS – Dust 514 @ EVE Fanfest! Hundar means Dogs in Icelandic and this week, he’s brought back footage from the holy mecca of Hundaria (otherwise known as Iceland). EVE Fanfest 2012 offered a ton on EVE Online, World of Darkness, and DUST 514, which Hundar and Joel chat about and show you what it’s all about! – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - This video will show you how to… How to play DUST 514 How to crash a dropship in multiplayer How to play EVE online cooperatively – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: Tags: Machinima “machinima realm” “Realm” eve “eve fanfest 2012″ “EVE Fanfest” dust 514 “dust 514″ “mmofps” “eve universe” “ccp games” ccp mercenary armor “armor class” dropship tank psvita “playstation vita” “playstation 3″ ps3 “online multiplayer” “eve interaction” “micro-transaction” iceland Reykjavík women girls hundar “dogs in icelandic” dogs “hundar in iceland” “realm fanfest” ‘free to play” joel “how to” “eve online” “orbital strike”

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26 Responses to “Hundar Hungers – Dust 514 @ EVE Fanfest!”

  • Bobby Cartwright says:

    Hundar…Hundar HUNDARCATS!!!!

  • Bobby Cartwright says:

    i do i do..pick me pick me

  • Bobby Cartwright says:

    no the drop ships are piloted by dust players…the eve players stay in their ships and provide close fire support (orbital strikes) and they provide with ground assets/weps armor (tanks/jeeps) and equipment for their mercs (guns,drop suits and mods)

  • jayquan17ify says:

    So there are real players in the drop ships ?Eve players right?

  • microoo101 says:

    No I did not, but watched lots of footage, and have been following PS2 for a while now.

  • TheDroopykiller says:

    did you play planetside?

  • MrLuxorla says:

    I have just posted a cool BigEmo!

  • microoo101 says:

    Yup, totally agree. PS2′s scale of the battles is just something thats not like anything out there. The size of the contentions and the player count is crazy! But when it comes to customization, and persistence I think Dust is deeper than PS2. I think the only 2 things that PS2 has over Dust at the moment are the Scale, and the graphics (which I don’t really care about, gameplay is where its at for me).

  • Bluecewe says:

    Regardless, it would be a challenger. Dust 514 currently looks more like 2142 than Battlefield 3, and thus even combined arms warfare fans might stick with Battlefield 3 for the graphics, sadly enough.

    Concerning Planetside 2 though, I doubt that. PS2 is building upon a previous title and putting huge emphasis on the open world territorial control; something which Dust 514 can never do. PS2 is unmatched in the open world sector right now.

  • microoo101 says:

    Dust 514 being just on PS3 is already kicking Battlefield’s ass. This PS3 exclusive is better than the crappy BF3. Heck Dust 514 has got the commander and squad leader roles that they took out of BF. Someone on the PSN forums said this “Dust 514 is more Battlefield than Battlefield” and I totally agree with him. If Dust comes to PC it would be a serious challenger to Planetside 2. But definitely not Battlefield anymore. Dust 514 has already proved to be a much more serious game…

  • XXHaku says:

    @LionHoundz Yes it’s free.

  • LazyShadyZX says:


  • Kuledud3 says:

    God Dammit Hundar! Your AMAZING BEARD…. MUST… WATCH… 

  • HeadSHOT604 says:


  • Lionhoundz says:

    It’s free right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!

  • TROLLSKILLZz says:

    For those saying this game it’s hard remember what ccp said those lonewolves can also help

  • Bluecewe says:

    If Dust came to PC it would be a serious challenger to Battlefield’s foothold in the combined arms warfare sub-genre.

  • THECaDaVeR1985 says:

    RofL FTW!!!

  • kojifresh says:

    Way 2 go guys. Give other FPS’ a run for their money.

  • showan412 says:


  • HeadSHOT604 says:

    The Ps3 has more F2P games in Japan as well. Like Angel Online.

  • HeadSHOT604 says:

    Halo isn’t a Free-To-Play MMO… this is nothing like Halo just because it’s a Sci-fi game doesn’t mean it’s copied Halo. Dumbasses like you make the Xbox community look bad. In fact this game was supposed to be on Xbox but Microsoft wanted to control the contract and didn’t want it to be F2P… oh and Halo got most of it’s aspects from Ex- Tribes( a Sci-Fi shooter) members.

  • Robota0110 says:

    you know.

  • wosselwozzel says:

    anybody who hasn’t played eve will not understand the depth of this game

  • NoZite79 says:

    Wish i could get it for PC :(

  • EveSwayzz says:

    I like this vid! made me feel inspired! i cant wait to see the movie on the big screen!

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