Hulk Gank Attempt? Brutix Epic Fail

So I was mining my own business you know OREs and some guy shows up in a Brutix (1:40) and starts to attack me! After failing to kill me .. they write in local … “needed to blow up for insurance” which makes no sense.. they can self destruct if that was the case! ——— Watch Live Stream at Want to try out EVE-Online? Visit to get started using my affiliate link!

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5 Responses to “Hulk Gank Attempt? Brutix Epic Fail”

  • TheGodFather915 says:

    Then that means I also did an epic fail cause I needed the insurance money to buy me a better ship LOL

  • GamingWithDaOpa says:

    @bumpnglow111 I’m doing a crazy goal of mining 1 billion units of Ore ( mostly scordite) which I broadcast live & records automattically when Im online..

  • bumpnglow111 says:

    I think the bigger question is why where you recording your dull and boring mining session?

  • bumpnglow111 says:

    well he does have 15 deaths and one kill.
    but his fit was all t1 crap you get from salvage.
    he could suck or was doing it for the insurance. or both

  • xonoma says:

    I dunno I believe he might have been blowing up for insurance and wanted to see if he could take you with him. Thats just how people are.

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