How to use your Directional Scanner

The most important skill in EVE Online is probably using the directional scanner. In this video you will learn how to rapidly scan down targets and become your corps best tackler/scout. Get more at:

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  • Abbadon2110 says:


  • 87Remmo says:

    Great vid. What ship are you flying there?

  • Grundalizer says:

    Alright I’ll do it, was already checking the website out for a while today, I’ll drop a sub to it. I just joined Red vs Blue and I”ve been getting a lot more frigate fights, and still have a lot to learn. Frigates are…more tactical I’d say, know your orbit, know to overheat, know your ammo type. It’s not just a case of lock em up and shoot, they last so damn short and my active tank rifter seems to be useless almost.

  • Abbadon2110 says:

    I’m happy it helped you… If you liked that you will love my website: EveProGuides

    Make sure to sign with your name and email too, because I will be doing some exclusive stuff for those who subscribe.

  • Grundalizer says:

    wow insanely awesome. I just learned more in an hour of watching your guides then I have in 2 years of trying to google and read forums.

    I also just learned that you can change your camera view to direction scan….I always thought you had to turn the front of your ship. Keep up the good work dude thanks

  • benos59 says:

    Good vid. Just a remark : it is from my point of view very dangerous to warp @0 in a belt. Keep up the good work!

  • pacoviRULZ says:

    excellent stuff

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