How To Survive EVE Online – 06 Advanced Military

Covered in this episode: 00:30 – Mission: “The Swap” 09:05 – Mission: “Angel of mercy” 14:50 – Mission: “Your Undivided Attention” 19:45 – Mission: “A Friend in Need” 26:05 – Mission: “The Stand” 36:10 – Mission: “Don’t Look Back” 42:27 – Mission: “Weapon of Choice” 48:13 – Mission: “The Pacifist” 52:45 – Mission: “Glue” 56:40 – A demonstration of salvagers and wrecks 1:05:18 – Mission: “The Exam” 1:13:20 – Parting Comments

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First engagement of MC and D2 March 2007. Capital ships proved their worth in spades. Video produced by LoxyRider. Yes, it is very difficult to see things but the original video resolution was massive. I took the liberty of just putting up 5 minutes of the original 12. It just gives you a general idea of the scale, etc. a=topic&threadID=500957

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  • SeamusDonohueEVE says:

    For the first few months, insure your current missionrunning ship at Platinum. If you lose the ship, then the loss won’t be as severe. After the first few months, you’ll be familiar enough with missionrunning that you’ll know how not to lose your ship, and you can skip the insurance.

    Also, you’ll want to keep enough backup cash in your wallet to buy complete replacements for your ship and everything fit to it, just in case something goes wrong.

  • Digitalis17894 says:

    Of course I had already gotten the Merlin through the basic military career missions, then I decide to do this mission, don’t read the text, and have my Merlin blown up

    Just my fucking luck

  • Rich Ormond says:

    As someone brand new to EVE Online, I have appreciated this detailed walk-through of the opening missions. It has certainly accelerated my understanding of this “deep and complex” game. I have been impressed enough that I have decided to subscribe and, what’s more, I just succeeded in getting accepted to EVE University. Thank you for the tips, Seamus, and I hope to see you out there. Fly safe!

  • knurlykneed says:

    I’m trying to fruck up the business of can flipping, therefore you mine the good stuff for yourself and jettison only regular cans with junk in them, such as 1 unit of Veldspar. You want rat flippers to open them to discover their shit. If enough people do this, can flippers can bet on flipping junk cans at some point. There really is only one solution: never jettison to feed the rats, but profits take more time.

  • SCRAMPAGE1 says:

    I am willing. Message me.

  • SeamusDonohueEVE says:

    Feel free to join the E-UNI channel and to register an account on the EVE University forums. Once you’re there, we can answer almost any question you have about the game. :)

  • 7251980 says:

    I understand thank you for the help none the less. I went ahead and got the 14 day one. Could I still use the buddy invite? I did not know that trust was so important! But is it ok if you guys could add me in game?

  • MrEvilSpectre says:

    I can give you one if you want

  • MindVisionMachinima says:

    Don’t be surprised by Seamus’ mistrust eve can be a cruel place and trust is earned in some cases even for something as simple as a buddy invite. I will throw you an invite if you message me somewhere to send it because I like to see our community grow. I highly recommend joining E-Uni there were a lot of ex military guys in there when I was a member. The start of the game is tough as all hell learning the ropes and being a unista can be hard too especially with all the wars but stick with it.

  • SeamusDonohueEVE says:

    I apologize, but I’m uncomfortable sending out Buddy Invites to people I don’t know. I do wish you luck, though, and welcome to EVE Online.

  • 7251980 says:

    WOW thank s for this video I’m a disabled vet and I never leave the house or do anything for that matter. I just happen to see this video and I’m hooked I tried to send you message but it wouldn’t let me Can you send a buddy invite so I may try out the game for the 21 days? Thank you.

  • Jstank Yinzer says:

    wonder how many people take that mission and don’t read the text BOOM! HAHAHAA

  • Ganthan says:

    Awesome introductory video series. I tried Eve Online for a couple of months back around 2008 or so. I think your tutorial character got wealthier and more powerful in the course of these videos than I did in those two months of not really knowing what I was doing. ;) After seeing these vids I think I might want to try the game out again.

  • FrozenFuelPump says:

    I wish i had option to watch video like this when i started playing eve… good work and really nice tutorial video. :)

  • SeamusDonohueEVE says:

    Just keep searching more and more systems. I can’t suggest anything else, unfortunately.

  • hypercannon1 says:

    Yea it actually worked beautifully I couldn’t figure out what skills are needed for the cap recharger so i just used a cap battery, Im looking to get into exploration but I cant find any real exploration sites, just wormholes (yes I looked outside of uitra) any tips?

  • SeamusDonohueEVE says:

    I think that should work, but I haven’t tested it myself. You don’t seem to mention Low Slots, so see if you can also put on a Power Diagnostic System. Also, a Cap Recharger might serve just as well as a Cap Battery if you’re low on CPU or Powergrid.

  • hypercannon1 says:

    Do you think I could do this mission with a cormorant destroyer, 75mm rail guns with thorium charges ( 9k optimal ), a light missle launcher, shield repair, stasis webafier, 1mn afterburner, and a cap battery?

  • chajus1 says:

    Ty for your answer

  • SeamusDonohueEVE says:


  • MrWildcat76 says:

    1:10:45 “But escape is not my plan.* I must face them, alone.*” Props for the almost epic inclusion of the Vader quote.

  • SeamusDonohueEVE says:

    It has to do with the Directional Scanner. When someone runes runs a D-Scan, the name of your ship is returned. If you see a Velator called “Seamus Donohue’s Velator” on D-Scan, then you know for a fact that I assembled that Velator, and I’m also likely (but not guaranteed) the one flying it. Manually-named ships are limited to 20 characters; default assembly names can exceed this limit. If you rename the ship to “Velator”, then it’s harder to figure out who might be flying it.

  • chajus1 says:

    Why are you changing the ship names? You said you would say later in videos yet in all 6 I don’t remember you returning to that question, is it just make it more casual or is there some reason?

  • TiberiusBane says:

    I never got the Drone tutorial as i’m Caldari but i finished all the tutorial missions, is there another way of getting this tutorial??
    love your videos btw :)

  • TheSoccer16x says:

    oh alright will do

  • theeclownbro says:

    HUH!,, wtf this is eve?, I thought that shut was like first or third person space sim, like x3 wtf everyone sais that this game is so similar, it’s completely different if this is eve

  • tob chi says:

    What song is this?

  • n3wt02 says:

    It depends it can be a rape of a minute or last hours of shooting though if it lasts that long it’ll be really laggy

  • kevinpark91 says:

    How long does an average big battle such as this last in real life time?

  • SpartanZN3 says:

    song name?

  • albettatrue says:

    This was pretty cool. nice job with the music. 5/5

  • dragonhartfire says:

    Pendulum - Slam

  • Fon7i3ee says:

    hzahah, i laugh with guys like you

  • key2760 says:

    i hav a mantacore i would want to be in that fight

  • midorian12491 says:


  • mckenna barry says:

    what was the song from this?

  • ScheenK says:

    does any1 have the link to the actual full length video !

  • TD47 says:

    For all the people who wonder why a lot of EVE videos are sped up is not because the game is slow, but because the engagements actually feel that fast when you play.

  • Dakarn says:

    Colors depend on the person’s preference. Usually Red is enemy. Green means the people are in your corporation. Blue are people in your Alliance or people set to Friendly standings. Purple are people in your Squad/Fleet.

  • DarkRaad says:

    For the people wondering whats happening, this is EVE online, zoomed out *ALOT* so that you get the littlest of lag possible as it has less ships to render. Green is allied, red is enemy. The bubble prevents you from warping out. If you see a ship but you can’t see the others then its a capital, a really large ship. I’m probably wrong on several accounts so others can correct me.

  • dietcoketm says:

    what the fuck is even going on all i see is dots everywhere

  • shgjlsfg says:

    i prefer being a carebear… but thats me

  • shgjlsfg says:

    go suk one you asshat

  • Cordman1221 says:

    Yes, but not a lot of people are going to carry smartbombs into PVP.

  • nakke says:

    flashback, was in fatal when i was in that battle ^^

  • HaLoMaKeR123 says:

    Possibly the gayest thing ive ever seen

  • GoOnAlone says:

    oh shit i love this song i completely forgot about it. mofuckin’ pendulum son!

  • fakeaintreal says:

    Those Green and Blue made a very dangerous move… Some one in the red corp/alliance with a smart bomb could have taken almost all the enemy drones out..

  • fakeaintreal says:

    Hate those damn “fighters” –> Carrier drones… if they are targeting u and u almost die and u warp out they are following u in warp.. so when we got to where ever u heading to… ^^ Kaboom They are all around u!

  • theoblivionmodder says:

    yep you just don’t mess with capital ship’s

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