How To Recognise and Avoid Scams In Eve Online

How To Recognise and Avoid Scams In Eve Online VOTE FOR ME IN CSM7!

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If you want the full HD experience, get it here: This is a recopilation of some of the best Dramiel Training fights (If you have seen the saga). I hope you enjoy it! Soundtrack: Trevor Jones – You Have The Power X-Ray Dog – Dethroned Immediate Music – Arcana Pendulum – Slam Marius Vries – Flying Home

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37 Responses to “How To Recognise and Avoid Scams In Eve Online”

  • CKYHuffy says:

    Wow, I’m a new player to Eve and I haven’t even been to Jita yet. I realised that there was a lot of scamming going on but had no idea to what extent. Some of the contracts you showcased in this video seem pathetically obvious that they are scams.

  • szyzyg says:

    @Kerns0Phoegon Of course you can run scams on the forums. As I understand it the main rule that CCP enforces is no scamming involving real world cash. If you make someone pay billions of isk for a worthless item that’s tolerated, but, if you encourage the victim to spend real world cash to buy a PLEX then that’s crossing the line and action will be taken. The GTC Bazaar and Character Sales forums are no-scam zones – anything else is caveat emptor.

  • Kerns0Phoegon says:

    So wait? you can’t scam on the forums but they allow it in the game, and don’t stop clear cases? … Ok, how does eve survive with crap like this.

  • szyzyg says:

    @5680pertive568 Nah it’s only a 99% chance of getting scammed if you buy something being advertised in jita local chat. Millons of transactions happen daily in eve that are just regular trades.

  • 5680pertive568 says:

    I am hoping to get this game, it looks VERY overpowering for beginnners from what i’ve seen, also this video taught me that you have a 99% chance of getting scammed every time you purchase something

  • WoWisdeadtome says:

    @Zaqster Scamming the Eve-O forums will get you in trouble. It’s right there in the rules of the forum use sticky so don’t scam there or face the banhammer. Any scamming in game is permitted.

  • WoWisdeadtome says:

    @siratthebox a huge number of contracts in Jita are legit you just have to look them up yourself. If it’s in Jita local chat go over it with a fine tooth comb, it’s 99.999% likely it’s a scam if it’s being linked to you without your asking.

  • WoWisdeadtome says:

    Here’s a creative one: Think of some things you want brought to low sec but are not in desperate need of. Buy it and put up a courier contract with collateral equal to or greater than the value of the shipment. Spam local with contract, when it gets accepted gank the courier. Scoop all items that survive and pocket the collateral.

    Worst case scenario the guy makes it and you pay 1mil or so to get the stuff you wanted moved for you.

  • H8FilledVoid says:

    pretty much if it’s being advertised in local. it’s a scam

  • siratthebox says:

    bacically – if you accept a contract in jita …

  • Cobra100 says:

    this is very quiet

  • eveonline247 says:

    An excellent tutorial!

  • doonn1994 says:

    i usually dont look in the jita local but when i do i rofl of all the scams there and dont buy anything, unless its a good deal… sorry i mean never, there is no good deals….

  • Lockey69 says:

    I enjoyed that video mate, scamming ftw :)

  • jamesaschafer1982 says:

    Just stay away from jita if you are new to eve.. scam central

  • JonnyPew says:

    @Rodsur The volume is perfect relative to most other youtube videos. Turn up your volume

  • p0wer5000 says:

    Yep this game is complicated….Fun looking but complicated/expensive

  • Zaqster says:

    It’s amazing how some people fall for this stuff on forums. And I guess in game as well judging by the wealth of scammers operating =)

  • hitmanjimo says:

    A sub for you :)

  • Alikchi says:

    Do not reveal my recruitment secrets, please.

  • Rodsur says:

    nice video man! would love to see more, just boost the microphone a little next time

  • WACHERAX says:

    Gran video, si señor!

  • BurnrateUK says:

    I had to switch your video off when Pendulum came on. Good otherwise, though

  • kawasakimatos says:

    Muy Bueno Jefe !!

  • davidyo1 says:

    los dread guristas no existen, son los padres, recuerdalo sano xD

  • SaNoSuKeJavi says:

    You have the name of the tracks in the description

  • PizdaTiMaterina says:

    whats the last song called?

  • IIIkableIII says:


  • Gormpy says:

    great job on the video it’s always good when i try to figure if some cues were meant to be that precies (like the song bursting open just when you kill a ship etc..)

  • RinkosAlaine says:

    sano cabron mu bueno el video y ese pvp jeje a ver si te veo por eve :)

  • Lockey69 says:

    awsome vid /me likes, whats the first song though??

  • pharago says:

    muy bueno, si señor, con dos cojones o//

  • pliusmann says:

    @SaNoSuKeJavi nice :) well i’m not very experienced at scouting, i’m more into command, so i like to clean up my overview to see only stuff i need

  • SaNoSuKeJavi says:


    I have the neccesary stuff added like bubbles, poses and such…
    As I told you, I have more setups in different tabs of the overview. I have been scout for a couple of years and I know how to configure overview, but thanks for your advices anyhow.

  • pliusmann says:

    @SaNoSuKeJavi why don’t you just disable active overview in d-scan so you can see if there is pos’es or some other kind of trap?

  • SaNoSuKeJavi says:


    I have some setups for the overview, but I need the belts added to find out people while I scan :P

  • pliusmann says:

    Great video, but your overview needs a little clean up :D gz on carrier kill

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