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Click Here, ,for more .Evergreen Business System.Create as many Automated Webinars and use on as many domain that you own as you like for one low price with no monthly fees. Our competition has 7 set-up fees and cost per month! Some are even more per month and require you to have an Infusionsoft account. Yep. The total cost of some competitors could be near 0 each month and they don’t do a fraction of what we do for that price just one-time.reate Rolling Webinars that play on autopilot. With our Smart- Date technology, you just set the days of the week and what time or multiple times of the day it should play. Simply record your webinar one-time and let our system do the rest. Set Black-Out dates like Christmas, and eliminate short-notice by choosing to block today, or a few days before they can see your webinar to build anticipation and educate/indoctrinate prior to your webinar.Of course, you can set the time to any time zone. But we found that allowing the visitor to choose his “Local Viewing Time” is less confusing and has higher show rates. Heck, if someone in Australia has to register for a Webinar NY time, his Friday 4PM webinar is really Saturday 6AM. Imagine how confusing that is to figure out just when trying to pick a Day and Time! With our Local-Time feature, we take care of everything and make it easy for the viewer and we convert all the emails and notifications automatically for them in the background there is nothing you

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