How To Get FREE EEVEE -lution in PKMN B&W Game! Secret Egg! -SORRY THIS GAME IS OVER-

Another TheCookiinCompany How To Get FREE Pokemon video for Black/White! Today I’m showing how playing an easy game on WOULD HAVE landed you YOUR CHOICE of any of the Eevee evolutions! “Play to Befriend a Pokemon” [ THIS GAME IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO PLAY!!! ] Vid Quick Links: Playing the Game [ 2:38 ] Keep It or Lose It [ 3:35 ] Secret Egg from Toys ‘R’ Us [ 4:56 ] This game is NO LONGER AVILABLE to give you your Eevee-lution on your Black or White DS game. However, if you did play it and win an Eevee-lution, it will be available to transfer into your DS game until July 2011 To manipulate which Pokemon exactly you get, you had be selective about which orbs you pick up. You will be able to transfer your new pokemon to your DS game when you do the Eevee Evolution Promotion and then Wake Up your pokemon, after playing Dream World for an hour. You will NOT have to hunt him down in the Pokemon Island. How to transfer pokemon caught on the Island of Dreams to your DS Black or White game: 1. Sign up on and make your Dream World account. 2. Get your Code from the DS game from the Main Menu, “Game Sync Settings” and enter it into the Dream World website to link it with your DS 3. From your C-Gear click on the blue Online, then Game Sync, and tuck a pokemon from your PC box to sleep. 4. Go to Dream World (on the website) and go to the Dream Forest. There you have 10 steps to encounter a pokemon before you reach the Dream Tree. 5. If you

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23 Responses to “How To Get FREE EEVEE -lution in PKMN B&W Game! Secret Egg! -SORRY THIS GAME IS OVER-”

  • Thekeyblademaster525 says:

    @Marshmellowbird can i get one fora snivy

  • ZeroKnigh00 says:

    If anyone still has there eevee evolutions please message me I’m giving 3-4 legit shinys and they have to be the original not daycare ones.

  • SuzukaKureha says:

    I really want a female Eevee, Glaceon, or (#1 pick) Espeon. Don’t know anybody who plays Pokemon. :(

  • squadboy415 says:

    @Marshmellowbird can u get mae a evee egg fc is 4298 2453 2908

  • fleshnbone5 says:

    @TheCookiinCompany what is the easiest and most practical way to get it without using a gen V or below game. im lonely one game and one console lol

  • TheCookiinCompany says:

    @fleshnbone5 lots of ways, but THIS particular promotion is already long gone and over with.

  • fleshnbone5 says:

    Hang on, how do I gt eevee for my pokemon black? I’m abit lost

  • RokuJonne says:

    @Marshmellowbird Sorryyy!!!! I already got one from global trade ^^” But thanks anyway~! 8D

  • Marshmellowbird says:

    @TheCookiinCompany Sorry it took so long to reply, my computer went dead. -_-’ But it’s okay now. BTW, my Wifi is off right now and only my dad can turn it back on. Can I PM you when he turns it back on? We can trade then. Also, I need your friend code. I’ll PM you mine.

  • TheCookiinCompany says:

    @Marshmellowbird opps says i can’t ^_^;; sorry

  • TheCookiinCompany says:

    @Marshmellowbird oh well i thought maybe rules were different when bred with Ditto, but how should I know i’ve only ever Shiny hunted, not really tried to breed the perfect iv/natures pokemon ^_^;;; so ill message you right now

  • Marshmellowbird says:

    @TheCookiinCompany But you can only get anticipation eevee from breeding females with anticipation. It says so on blubapedia. And like you said before, you can only get males, which is weird.

  • TheCookiinCompany says:

    @Marshmellowbird if they gave you an eevee, they prolly just bred their DW eeveelution ( since they all hatch as eevee). Thats not hard to picture at all and I even expect people to do it. But getting an Eevee FROM DW itself, thats harder ( since im not even sure they released it yet but maybe they did,idk)

  • TheCookiinCompany says:

    @Marshmellowbird I would do this myself, but like always, my DW pokemon STAY in the Entralink!

  • Marshmellowbird says:

    To whoever keeps saying: “PLEASE GIVE ME A DREAM WORLD EEVEE!”,
    I can get you one. I’m a Shiny hunter and if you look in the comments you can see that I have a female japanese DW glaceon that I’m breeding. I don’t know how the person got it if all the eevee are ALL MALES, but I can give people female anticipation eevee if they want me to. I don’t ask for much. Just trade me something small. But you need to subscribe first in order to trade with me.

  • Marshmellowbird says:

    @RokuJonne I can give you one! :) And there is a way to get female dream world eevee, I’m just not sure how. I have one from japan and I’m breeding her for masuda method.

  • TheCookiinCompany says:

    @RokuJonne there are NO female DW eeveeslutions..all the promotional eeveelutions given out were MALE. Of course, on purpose.

  • RokuJonne says:

    someone trade me female dream world eeveelution or eevee i don’t care cuz i missed this event and i want espeon soo bad! 8( i have dw dratini for trade or just request something!

  • paradisemime says:

    ould someone plleaassee plleaasee trade me an eevee! everyone wants something dumb on the GTS for it =( ill even trade my Zekrom if i have to! please someone, anyone? Thanks!

  • dildomonster23 says:

    if u want a pidove or anything ill give you s level 54 tranquill

  • dragonballz105 says:

    u got some nice voice :D 

  • TheCookiinCompany says:

    @dexandme4everandever just get some pokemon that are strong against the elite four’s pokemon and give them attacks that they are weak to :D you know, like, wtv!

  • dexandme4everandever says:

    I need help how do u beat the elite four and my friend code is 2752 2799 1946

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