How To EV Train Your Pokemon The Easy Way.

for platium videos go to AWARD”S PLEASE READ… #95 – Most Discussed (This Week) – Film & Animation – All #40 – Top Rated (Today) – Film & Animation – English this is a slidshow of how to EV train your pokemon the right way so hope you like it mad it for a friend and a person called evanjnj so hope he likes it and the song is your not me a yugioh song so hope you like it and i will make a video version showing you this stuff so please rate and comment and i got the info off of this link and i tried it and it worked out so go here for more info.

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25 Responses to “How To EV Train Your Pokemon The Easy Way.”

  • finalcountdown3210 says:

    @ ignes27 no no no. your calculations are correct. but the reason you only need to put 252 EVs rather than all 255 EVs on a stat is so that you can use those extra EVs on a different stat. a pokemon can have 510 EVs total. So, 255 + 255 = 510: 2 stats boosted
    OR 252 + 252 + 6 = 510: 3 stats boosted

  • Ignes27 says:

    I beg to differ. I’ve calculated these rules through cloning one Pokemon using the Emerald glitch, and then EV training them both in the same areas, but one with 255 in each stat and the other with 252. They each came out with the exact same stats at level 100. Besides, if 4 EVs equal one stat point, then why would the value be 255, which is not divisible by 4? And I’m not a hater. If I was, I would have contradicted everything said in this video. But most of it is spot-on.

  • TheSupermantebow says:

    first of all, ur wrong.
    second of all, ur a hater


  • Ignes27 says:

    First of all, you can only get a maximum of 252 evs for each stat, and 508 overall. The 255 and 510 rules are well-known myths. Second of all, will you please learn some grammar?

  • DarkFilter612 says:

    my pokemon just caught the PKRS so I need to learn how to ev now…

  • kevincherian727 says:

    I agree

  • RobotsRock86 says:

    @CabbageTrain I completely agree. before it was just: battle that pokemon, level up. But now it’s: Battle specific pokemon to get the stats that you want, constantly worrying if you’re doing it right.

  • TheLegoMaster5555 says:


  • oreo8118 says:

    so if I wanted to use a berry on a pokemon to reduce its stats that automatically works?

  • theSuperKoolaidguy says:

    i know i love when that happens

  • rocketdog39 says:

    this is the 1 video where i dont have to look for the reply comment. ty top comments!

  • RafaelDelgadoGarcia says:

    one question, so lets say I have a magikarp level 25 and I kill elts say for example 4 ratatas, i use a rarecandy after i kill those 4 ratatas and the nest level it shows i get a bonus EV or if i kill like lots of ratatas i gt way more evs?

  • yoshpit222 says:

    they exist because there are items especially made for them

  • pokemonrohan says:

    wat a awesome dad
    atleast he knoiws some thing about it

  • ilovepokemonize1 says:

    lol…horse power….pretty stupid XD

  • TheZeonsoldier says:

    wow…kaiba’s music

  • Joker13rekoJ says:

    @davey4895 -_- they do..I mean come why would ppl start a meaningless rumor don’t believe it ask the Japanese speaking Creator oh what’s that you can’t in that case plz don’t speak until you know

  • davey4895 says:

    how the fuck do you see these EV’s i bet they dont even exist !!

  • 191Jeroen says:

    So, I want to train my Natu in Speed (spending 216 speed  EVs), it has Pokérus and a macho brace. Am I correct when I say I have to defeat 54 magikarp (which give 1 EV each)?

  • totalpwnage7 says:

    @DOMFCherry It’s the same thing, so yea you’re right xD

  • Bboylakorn says:

    ok…so if i have pokerus and i battle 2 starly….i get 4 ev + l extra ev right? or 2 extra ev(since i have pokerus)…?

  • DarkWolfJr1000 says:

    @ThePocketManster Yes that is right. However you can only get 510 in total. You can only get a maximum of 252 on one stat (or you cn split it 126 and 126). In other words you can EV train completly for 2 stats or split it into 4 stats evenly and do whatever you want with the remaining 6.

  • insanity401 says:

    OK so my friend told me that the Macho brace adds +4 EVs to whatever EV amount your getting and Pokerus doubles the amount so (4+1)X2=10 EV points per battle.

  • SuperGC10 says:

    I have a Tyrogue and i tried to ev train attack, i battled patrat, lillipup and herdier, use muscle wing and still every level it earned 1 attack point.

  • TheRilakori says:

    LOL maybe for ponyta

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