How to convert ETC (EVE time code) to PLEX in EVE Online

What is PLEX PLEX is 30-days of game time that can be bought or sold on the EVE Market Pilots use ISK (EVE’s currency) to purchase PLEX & Play for Free Pilots sell PLEX to get extra ISK The amount of ISK pilots give/get varies with the fluctuations of the EVE Market. To Buy PLEX with ISK select Market from the Neocom Search for PLEX Price varies by location. To Create PLEX from ETC Pilots need to be docked in a station. Open the “ESC” game menu select “Convert ETC” located in the bottom left corner of the game menu Click “Yes” Paste the 60-Day ETC code into the empty field and press “OK. A 60-day code produces two 30-day PLEXes which will appear in inventory. Right click on the PLEX and select “Sell this item. Click “Sell and watch you wallet balance go up.

I don’t remember how this got started, but I ended up fighting two of my corp members. It was fun and I’d do it again anytime. I do apologize for the video feed breaks. I was using the trial of fraps and I didn’t know that it only recorded in 30 sec fragments. Future gaming videos will not have that problem.

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  • ThunderFLR says:

    Oh the great memories of this game. Miss the days with Stargate.

  • tineaus says:

    Just a word of advice. You should lower the music audio next time. It overpowers your commentary. I don’t know what you made this in but find a way to adjust the audio levels before you combine them in the finished version.

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