How To Buy isk safely and Play EVE for free. 1 60 day eve time code = 646-684 million ISK on the market at this time after it is turned in to 2 PLEXs Also I forgot to mention Shattered Crystal Is have a sweepstakes of 1 year of eve time(or 6 ETCs) on there site By entering and then buying Eve codes you get chances to win per code Fellow the link here for more info (by buying eve time codes or other items from the above links you are helping to support Heavy Shell Games And the games you Love )

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Custom Video in the CQ in Eve Online. My little ponies for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy ♥

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  • acid201677 says:

    im thinkin bout getting this, but damn….really life consuming hahaha

  • 8e6Disabled says:

    I would like shit to happen, shoot here… Hehe

  • HeavyShellGames says:

    that is economics.

    you want eveconomics. what you do is hunt down other people that have plexes kill them then take there plexes and sell those on the market.

  • Oddjob23747 says:

    So basically, i pay $40 for a code, turn it into plex, and then sell the plex if the market is high, and buy more plex with isk when the market is lower.

    is that about right?

  • X0wnageX1 says:

    how much is eve and how much is 1 month?

  • isoceles180 says:

    “This is Eve and this is where bad shit happens” – awesome!

  • HeavyShellGames says:

    Well the only way you can get a plex “for free”is to buy if from the in game market atm they cost around 340-380 million isk. so it would be hard for you to get a hold of that much isk each month starting out. the best thing you could do is Take and save enough money and buy a year of eve time you will save $48 by buying 1 year all at once (1year=$131.40 or € 131.40) . in a year you should be able to make around 350million isk a month if you really put your time in to it. Help?

  • TheMagicalTouch says:

    can you help meh out??? i wanna keep playing, but i cant BUY the game, so i need a plex. im on a 21 day trial, PM me if you wanna help.

  • R4Akai says:

    sry but when ever a CCP guy comes a long with “spaceships are serious buisness” i cant stop thinking of this kinda qwny clips about eve online lol

    how should i take eve ever serious again?

  • R4Akai says:

    the dialog xD

  • ziggy2007dn says:

    win :3

  • EnergyNom says:

    That really seems to be an issue with what’s going on as you render it. Try just leaving your PC alone when it renders to see if that helps! It’s been a while since I’ve mucked with it and Ive had to reformat/reinstall since then but I want to get that all set up again at some point.

  • Zombiepwnage117 says:

    Any idea on how to fix the video suddenly speeding up and slowing down? I want to watch my movie properly :L

  • BioClone says:

    How have you did this?

  • Alexc3217 says:

    I’m gonna tolerate and love the shit out of you!

  • Alexc3217 says:

    I was literally just watching that episode…

  • EnergyNom says:

    Wow… I’ve been away due to real life stuff and other not so nice stuff. Needless to say I am happy that CCP actually made this more accessible to all! Ill have to get all the software back in order.

    But if memory serves you can set a ratio in bink tools no?

  • Ineedtoshift says:

    Grats CCP, you’ve just made CQ worth your devtime

  • palidan99 says:

    Does anyone know the resolution, rather, the aspect ratio of the television screen? I’m in the process of converting my own (pony) videos for the CQ, but they arn’t in the right ratio, any clue?

  • palidan99 says:

    OMFG yes!

  • DarkLordRoto says:

    fing right

  • Andreus says:

    CCP released an official devblog on how to do this. Congratulations brony!

  • haydenjc3 says:


  • vampswagen says:

    Oh yay. I can watch videos in a ghetto hotel room in my game about spaceships.

  • liidan15 says:

    thats awesome, are we to wait for you to post instructions on how to do this or wait for CCP to announce it?

  • DrDan021 says:

    I asked a GM through petitionand he confirmed that this is NOT a violation of the EULA and if it ever became so it would be announced.

  • purplehayabusa says:

    Hey, I pilot a Hound too!

  • liidan15 says:

    so has CCP contacted you back yet? cause id really like to know how to do this AND actually do it…lol it’ll give me something to watch while playing with the market

  • Hororrgun says:

    I require some help, I managed to get some videos working but for some resin the keep getting distorted now and then and keep speeding up and slowing down

  • Ze3g0 says:

    Have you gotten the ok yet?

  • WhiteTorrent says:

    It assimilated you into the Herd. Don’t worry, you’ll like it here. If you want to join a brony corp and don’t mind noobs, I have one I recently started up ^^

  • WhiteTorrent says:

    Oh My God I love you. Can i use this video to recruit for my brony corp?

  • cyberhacker13 says:

    Whenever I do this the video is almost playing in slow motion?
    EnergyNom, how much Mb was the video you where playing?

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