How To Browse BattleClinic’s EVE-Online Loadouts

Here’s a 3 minute tutorial on how to use the loadout filters to find EVE-Online ship fittings. Enjoy!

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At CCP we’ve started using the Scrum Methodology to create the Eve Online expansion Apocrypha. As part of their sprint reviews team T3ch, responsible for the creation of the new line of Tech 3 customizable ships, put together this video retrospective. More information can be found at What type of pilot will you be? Start exploring Eve Online with a free 14 day trial here:

Video Rating: 4 / 5

26 Responses to “How To Browse BattleClinic’s EVE-Online Loadouts”

  • VoidAperture says:

    Please add a wormhole sleeper pve filter to the clinic or at least an omni-tank. The loadouts on BC are an amazing resource. Keep up the great work.

  • RyRyUNDEAD says:

    Send me a message [including your email address] for a free 21 day trial [the standard trial is only 14 days] if you take me up on this offer I’ll help you in game with missions/making ISK.

    Not only that once you decide to subscribe I’ll send you a number of ships to get you started along with 100 million ISK.

    On top of the assets you’ll receive you shall continue to receive my help in game until you no longer need it.

  • atwoods3 says:

    Message me with your email address to receive a 21 day buddy invite. Also if you decide to subscribe to the game i’ll send you 250 million isk. Dont believe anyone claiming to offer a 30 day trial there is no such thing. the longest possible trial period is 21 days.

  • mryellow123 says:

    The new ship classes coming that is. Then later the cruisers as well.

  • mryellow123 says:

    T3 = Pay-2-Win.

    Costs real money.

  • Dagg215 says:

    So will there be ways to modify your ships main parts?

  • Nomoreusernames113 says:


    There aren’t any other ship classes that work. There isn’t a whole lot you can do with frigates, given their size limitations.
    Destroyers aren’t major enough.
    As for battlecruisers, well, T3 ships are basically already the size of a battlecruiser anyway.
    Battleships simply don’t and won’t work.

  • MrAwsome514 says:

    @ImmortalInflames Or maybe just to enhance the game’s immersive style.

  • ImmortalInflames says:


    Just a guess,
    but I think being able to walk in the station will allow us to talk to people that play “Dust 514″ – might be able to hire bounty hunters or somthing – its just a thought since CCP wouldnt do all that work with out a good reason ^^

  • bluesmoke21 says:

    I want more tech 3 ships… Not just strategic cruisers.

  • Helge129 says:

    @arcanus55 OH MY GAWD I LOST 4 DAYS OF SKILLING! *suicides*


    Have you ever flown a Tengu or a Proteus in PVP? They kick your ass all the way to Saturn.

  • Honjura says:

    is the idea of these new Tech 3 ships to be like normal ships but instead of being buffer ships be actual combat ships???

  • Sinooko says:

    @haxxxor123 Oooooh man I hear that!

  • FlyingSpahghettiMan says:

    @SpraxIAKS I would rather board a ship once its in low structure, and force the pilot off.

  • TD47 says:

    legion and proteus… hands down best looking ships in EVE

  • MrEski23 says:

    90%? big challenge? erm, is that what blobbing solo ships and saying yarr! is then?


    custom paint jobs are what lacks in eve, gameplay its great but really need some kind of custom looks.

  • dionysusanton says:

    they should have all ship do this customizable

  • eciekoc says:


  • Jeff55369 says:

    people generally don’t ask permission, they just go in and salvage. But in any case, I don’t run missions anymore. I rat in 0.0.

    However, I do still have friends that run L4′s in highsec and they’re annoyed by people ninja salvaging their wrecks. Sometime when they’re on, I’m going to be in the mission room with them while they’re running the mission and the first salvager that comes in is going to die.

    I might even say “allah akbar, death to the infidel!” in local while I’m doing it, :P

  • VarykGerai says:

    not gonna let them do it even if if they ask your permition and when you leave the wrecks to waste?

  • Jeff55369 says:

    I’m going to start suicideing people who do that.

  • darthkarr says:

    dont realyl like the look of the tech 3 amar ships.-…they dont feel right

  • Glomagno says:

    how can i get a 3d model for a tengu

  • Dmitry177Smoky says:


  • VarykGerai says:

    you can make ~50 mil an hour or so with just skills for t1 salvager, small tractor and a desy. just need to find mission runners who dont bother with the l4 wrecks.

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