How to backup text messages to your Gmail on Android – SMS Backup

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47 Responses to “How to backup text messages to your Gmail on Android – SMS Backup”

  • musclethom1 says:

    u just jump right into the explanation without even telling people where you are or how to get there

  • NombreNoImporta says:

    You commenters crack me up! There are several apps in the play store, choose the one with the little icon that has a postcard and a gmail icon. Such an easy app to use!

  • Sparkle8309 says:

    Also, did you watch it to the end? He tells you the name and what the icon looks like.

  • Sparkle8309 says:

    Title says it: “SMS Backup”

  • keogh001 says:

    Let’s stat a game at the bar! Everytme you hear him say Um, you have to take a shot of gray goose

  • lightlearner says:

    reminds me of the meow joke from super troopers! lol

  • jontymonty81 says:

    where do u get this app then cant find it

  • emir ezzat says:

    I did everything like you did but I can’t find it in my g mail Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • solempnisuicidal says:

    what app is this?

  • trainme100 says:

    um, um, um, um, um, um, um, um, um, um. my god, I couldn’t take one more, um

  • ahmem04 says:

    How many times erm are gonna erm say erm?

  • admelfo says:

    Just installed it at backing up now — seems to be an awesome little app. Wish I’d've known about it sooner — would’ve been able to keep all my txt msgs since I bought my EVO. Dunno why HTC doesn’t make something like this a standard app w/ their phones. Thanks for posting, Dailyapper.

  • NoOneLikesMyUsernam1 says:

    200? That’s it. I have like 7000 texts for like each person.

  • sexycecy2323 says:

    Dailyapper please help i can’t do this on my iphone i use to have a android and it work great but know with the iphone i can’t please help me thank you Help help help!!!!!!

  • marseeyah rogers says:

    @ Dailyapper Thank you very much. Now, how can I forward or backup blocked sms to my gmail??? I used mr number app to block sms and calls and now I dont know how to send them to my gmail. help help!!!

  • 95Rafao says:

    and MMS?

  • George Finch says:

    I did everything like you did but I can’t find it in my g mail Please help


    Hey one question. Can I back up old text messages?


    thanks dude, i am glad there are some ppl out there who are helpful. , the stupid t mobile store didnt help me at all neither did the customer service.

  • normannsanitet1 says:

    You can’t do it on iPhone. I went that route too, now I went back to Android because of this and other app capabilities, won’t go back to Apple phone. You can go to an iPhone sms-backup website, but saves to your desktop as .xls

  • TheWestbobby says:

    I feel I have loaded this app up as talked about but I get an error when I get to backup. “Login error”, “Please make sure to enable IMAP in ur gmail settings and check username and password”. “retry backup”. I did both but keep getting same message. Any ideal where the problem is?????

  • 64maxpower says:

    I find it strange the guy takes his time to put up a free vid to help and he gets bagged on for saying umm? Who is making you watch it? You guys may want to think about drinking a tall glass if bleach, douchebags

  • Soccerl3east says:

    Crazy Ex #1

  • MsPrinsesita1 says:

    i had an android know i got a iphone how can i keep this same backup system .Help pls

  • subzero1456 says:

    for some odd reason my zengine isn’t set to qwerty keyboard layout. It’s got like a z where the w is suppost to be. How can I change the default layout? My keyboard is qwerty but when I load up the engine it isn’t.

  • HonoredShadow says:

    Wow. Windows XP. Old skoooool! People still use that?!


    i would rate it 9/10 becouse its a great gamer keyboard, but i have some probs… :)

  • mitraljez says:

    for those of you that have this keyboard… how would you rate it ? 10/10 ? reply plz

  • DenViseCreo says:

    I just bought the MERC keyboard but my Numpad does not work? Please help

  • blackhound70 says:

    The keyboard is awesome. The zengine is quirky and would definitively need more work. But there is potential. The keyboard (steelseries merc stealth) itself is the best I ever had!

  • Cqub3 says:

    zengine sucks, it crashes everytime i open it

  • flux1969 says:

    @adrianm99 thanks mate for the advice as i was having problems too :)

  • runefigter5RS says:

    shit mine wont work:/

  • CrucifiedSoldier says:

    i cant drag and drop anything in a custom mod or even at all. Running windows 7 and that might be a problem, my enabled led light doesnt even come on but they default mod works, help?

  • Janeszku says:

    Anyone having problem with windows 7 and “edit game exe”? I can’t add a exe file, say like sc2beta.exe to the “new mod” section. I just wont let me, frustrating =(

  • UNR3S7 says:

    you have to download the driver from the website :) the software was too old to even update on its own lol

  • xMoosk93 says:

    hey, i know that you posted this 1 year ago, but you wouldn’t happen to remember what you did to fix your problem? I have the same problem as you had.
    This keyboard has just been sitting in my closet for a few years.

  • dermis89 says:

    install the driver

  • Jourei Mahtavankätyri says:

    Anyone happen to know the code language in free edit?
    Sucks that ideazon is no more. They could have done anything to save the website or the guides wse…

  • Jourei Mahtavankätyri says:

    Nope, it happens in the zengine software. It dosen’t care about the game itself. :P

  • JackMorgz says:

    I’m getting this soon and I was wondering…

    When I edit the buttons on that program, do I need to edit them in the game (Counter-Strike: Source)? (How does it work.)

  • Creationsofmyown says:

    i had the same problem… just unplug it, then replug it in…

    otherwise u have to restart. so far its my only beef with my merc zboard4life

  • donoman123 says:

    how can i fix it when i press the W button on the gaming board section (left side) anyway when i press it it opens up the internet

  • crazyman4300 says:

    SYStem tray

  • UNR3S7 says:

    nevermind, i found it. i have had this keyboard for over 2 years and never used anything other thank default. you ,sir, are a god.

  • UNR3S7 says:

    ok, i have version
    it says it can’t connect to the update, and i don’t have an edit button. I want to make macros, but can’t find the update. i have the same looking board as you

  • crazypally21 says:


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