Helicopter Game High Score – 11752

My best score and THE best score I’ve ever seen. The original video was 20 minutes long so I had to edit parts out to make it shorter. I used an unregistered version of Hyper Cam to record it. I edited it with Windows Movie Maker. Trust me, I played this on a fast computer. The lag came from Hypercam. ————————————- If you like the music, then download it at www.mediafire.com . ———— Don’t forget to click this link. haislipland.myminicity.com

Instructions: Hacking the World’s Hardest Game is a pretty complicated process, so you’ll probably need some flash cheating experience. Assuming you have at least a little experience, do the following. Download this flash game hacking tool: www.mediafire.com Believe me, it’s not a virus, I used it in my video. If you don’t have software to open the .rar file, I recommend 7-Zip (www.7-zip.org) After you download the .rar file, open it and click on File then Load Movie. In the text field, paste this: static.onemorelevel.com After the game has loaded, don’t start playing yet and click on View then click on Data Editor. At the bottom of the window that comes up in the text field that says “Add Variable to modify” type “_root.walls” without quotesand press enter and type “_root.enemies” also without quotes. Two rows should pop up in the box above. Delete whatever is in the Variable Value part of both rows and then click the boxes to the left which are under the heading Freeze. After this, go back to the game and start playing. NOW YOU CAN RUN THROUGH WALLS AND THE ENEMIES CAN’T TOUCH YOU.

Video Rating: 3 / 5

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