Have I Earned the Right to Bot Now?

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25 Responses to “Have I Earned the Right to Bot Now?”


    There’s a boost for old players. They are called heirloom and gives you up to 50% extra experience (fishing contest included), plus the guild bonus equals 60% extra experience.

  • IC3M4NPWNZ says:

    you sir, need a girlfriend

  • mudto95 says:

    i have 13 chars above 85…

  • venio0887 says:

    do you think there will be a new expansion after MOP

  • tiseenderwelke says:

    they dumbed down a already dumb game :D

  • Bloodroaded says:

    the wind is messing it up more then ur ac unit

  • thc024 says:

    happenz whe u dont see it often lol =]

  • Kangoshi21 says:

    Dat echo… Are you really in open air? Sounds like you speak in your room…

  • esnevip says:

    11?…cmon I have 14 xD

  • michailrobinson says:

    Congrats on having too much time on your hands. GFU

  • dj942009 says:

    good point

  • RazorClaw999 says:

    yea, but remember too that Blizzard has used tricks like colors and other little things to keep u hooked on WOW so in SWTOR that won’t work so it’s more of the game play that will keep u hooked.

  • KhernelPanic says:

    The clouds move behind him, slowly.

  • dj942009 says:

    i may go back to swtor when it becomes free to play it started out interesting, GW2 I just didnt really like, Tera was kind of interesting to.

  • RazorClaw999 says:

    it’s either RMTers and Gold Farmers/Hackers or BOTters who “STEAL” your mobs ur choose noob.

  • HICKS3131 says:

    You do realize how much of a fool you are making yourself sound like right? Just stop it already, it doesn’t take that long to get dailies or a few dungeons done, if you can’t even spare that little amount of time there is no way in hell you will be able to enjoy raids or any other end game material.

  • Trebbledot says:

    There is a lot in WoW you can do to boost your XP gain after your first character.
    Heirloom items almost all have an XP boost as well as give you amazing stats so your character isnt slugging through things slowly. There are guild perks as well.
    As well as XP potions being introduced in MoP (?)

  • Adam McCurdy says:

    Wind noise is astronomical. Need a dead cat on there man!

  • RazorClaw999 says:

    ppl like sahould be perm banned from WOW and through in jail for life so normal ppl can actually get on with life and live happy lives without getting screwed with their pants on.

  • addisonwilson says:

    The entire point of it is to be able to make a living off of playing the game. Furthermore, using horrible sentence structure to the point of almost being unreadable and using personal insults, just makes anything you attempt to argue, null.

  • RazorClaw999 says:

    Hey retard maybe u greed pigged egotistical American stuck up jack ass teenagers should just stay in school and stop skipping to play video games

  • RazorClaw999 says:

    I am just saying that ppl who stole from others or who just killed others for fun are epic fails in life

  • HICKS3131 says:

    If you don’t have time to play the game legitimately then don’t play at all, its as simple as that.

  • Moonlordnmn says:

    I can’t tell if you are being serious or trolling. I played UO back in the bad old days and quit after not long because it was in a constant pvp state, if you stopped moving someone stole from you and if you went out of a city someone tried to kill you. I am not advocating that part of the game, if that is what you are refering to. I am advocating the part where players could go off and do all kinds of things even from the start without having to do things they found boring, that was good.

  • RazorClaw999 says:

    hey retard the people who u so call “earn” it have nop life and play 100s of hours a day to get and then for the BOEs sell them for million of gold so they can be thge only people who have that mount or whatever and it pisses me off either level the market or allow BOTting so people who actually want to contrube to society can and not be fucked over in the game world noob.

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