Harvest Moon Magical Melody Couples

First slideshow.. thingy…Wedding photos of the couples in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. I don’t think it’s possible for the characters in each pic to get married, but they are real rival couples. Images taken from Harvest Moon Evergreen, but that doesn’t seem to exist anymore.. =/ Apparently “Evergreen changed its name to ranch story.” Just google it, I guess. Thanks! None of these characters belong to me. All Harvest Moon characters (c) Marvelous Interactive, Natsume.. y’know. uh.. shyeah! — So, here we are. I just noticed this vid got more than 100000 views. That’s coo’, thanks guys. :D Also, for those wondering, the music is Ari’s house theme from Okage Shadow King. :]

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This video is a compliation of pictures and cutscenes (in order) from the now out-of-print PC game “Clue Chronicles: Fatal Illusion”. In the story, the characters from the famous board game Clue, along with a host of new characters, are on a trip to the mountain château of the enigmatic Ian Masque for a New Year’s Eve party celebrating the dawn of 1939. Players star as an investigator hired by Masque for reasons unknown. In this video, part one of two, you’ll see a montage of the game’s characters, followed by the game’s opening, then act one (the cruise on the Rhine Maiden) and act two (the cable car). Acts three and four, along with the finale and the epilogue can be found in the video response. This video is not meant as copyright infringement. I received no profit from the making/viewing of this video, nor do I have any rights to the Clue franchise. I thought it would simply be nice to put up the main chunk of the game’s story, as the game itself is now a hard to find item. Enjoy!

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48 Responses to “Harvest Moon Magical Melody Couples”

  • wolflover284 says:

    god i hate katie sooo much shes so fucking annnoying i feel bad for poor joe he has to eat her lethal cakes for the rest of his life XD

  • kayleeboots says:

    Gina is a blue weirdo. She doesn’t deserve Alex!

  • LittleMissNightmare8 says:

    I can really see how much blue loves ann in that photo….

  • Chibisrule943 says:

    @IIXMagicXII I have, that version, and this version of the magical melody games. Also Animal parade. ;p you’ll LOVE Animal parade. though I accidentally saved my boy account on my file where I married Wizard in AP

  • IIXMagicXII says:

    i have the wii version so i can only play as a boy and onmy first account i married ellen and on my new account im marrying maria! :D im also getting animal parade for christmas~ (can’t wait) >w<

  • cientey says:

    Bob is the ugliest bachelor in harvest moon game

  • TheMusicfreak2000 says:

    Blue is so pissed off. Its hilarious!

  • st44452 says:


  • madisonblue96 says:

    ha h aha, Blue is wearing a USI hat, thats the colledge my mom went too! XD

  • madisonblue96 says:

    Lyla liked Basil in save the homelands. SO HOW did they end up marrying different people??? Eh, oh well….

  • TheMusicfreak2000 says:


  • shawnaisus says:

    Nina looks all shy and kind of sad…

  • SimsOMGplayer says:

    uh hey hey dia… THATS MY MAN PAWS OFF!

  • JadeEmbodient says:

    oh….yeah i wish he could be a real canidate too T^T

  • TheStrawberryGrass says:

    @JadeEmbodient I know but it was like…Why can’t he be a real marriage candidate where you can have a little baby and stuff…xD

  • JadeEmbodient says:

    u can marry him/her….

  • TheStrawberryGrass says:

    Man why can’t you marry Jamie?!?! D:<

  • zonkedforlife2 says:

    I married Eve, love you babe <3

  • ImTotallySummer says:

    i always married alex

  • dadisfad says:

    Dan’s head is enormous…. seriously it gives him like a foot of extra height

  • FrooteyLoops says:

    Louis and Lyla are so cute together <3

  • Kinkynafnaf says:

    why does blue look pissed off?

  • TheMuseSway says:

    I have to agree I always thought Gina was an Eyesore……. -_-
    The same with Bob…. >_<

  • TamaHaruLover says:

    1:55 Well…you look happy :D

  • sapphirezahara says:

    Who do you think are the best HM MM couples?

  • LittleMissMiffy says:

    @lollipoploveless Thanks for the tip. I have been stuck in that place for ages. I guess the important thing is to pass through zero between each number(?) Well, anyway you have done you day’s good deed :)

  • TheChristmasFan says:

    I loved this game so much, but I lost the disk and I don’t feel like paying $43 for a new cd. Can anyone tell me where I can download this game for free. Please tell me!! Thanks!

  • lollipoploveless says:

    @cameronica the combination:
    1) turn the clockwise to 31.
    2) anticlockwise to 12 making sure to pass 31 along th way.
    3) lastly clockwise to 38.

    Have done it!

  • bshepetofsky1 says:

    I think that Ms. White was voiced by the actress who played Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter Movies.

  • Raikotsu says:

    Miss Scarlett’s voice is total crap. Whoever voiced Jessica Rabbit should’ve done it.

  • cameronica says:

    Stupid combination lock. 123138 or 311238 never works! I would kill game designer who thougt that it’s appropriately hard. shithead.
    hate this game because of one shitty puzzle that never works!!

  • TheChristmasFan says:

    OH MY GOD!! I remember this game. I played this when I was like 6 years old. I never beat it though. So many memories from this game

  • Starryvideos says:

    I have this and have played it before and now it won’t work on my computer!!!!
    I need to play it???
    Anyone have any ideas why?
    WHen I press play nothing happens.

  • Starryvideos says:

    I have this game
    but been stuck for years :(
    Im stumped

  • SnappyPenguins says:

    Interesing. He stabs him twice but he’s still typing away on his typewriter!

  • LeiFox87 says:

    I loved Marina Popov, she’s by far the best character in the game :D

  • floooble3 says:

    Love this fucking game.

  • spidey536 says:

    Will you every do a regular walkthrough for this game?

  • callanyj says:

    I know the combination lock but only becouse of the hints, I have no idea how to find the date, scarlet only ses ”ow it’s today’s date” but no numbers… where are those numbers???

  • sophdevon says:

    ive got this game. completed it once with a walkthrough! took ages to do the combination thing. it was so cool. brings back memories

  • msett91 says:

    you should have done the ESP test on Scarlet. If not, do that. she’ll give you the combination (the date: 12-31-39) remember, whenever you’re stuck, click the “Clue” button on the lower menu to get a hint!

  • beeradicted14 says:

    i have had this game for ages and ive neva been able to get past the combination on that lock and theres no video of how to get past it and the walkthrough of how to get past it dont work :l help

  • xandirwasmylover says:

    Not for me. I always imagined her as an American socialite brat. Oh well. I guess it was an aspect up for interpretation.

  • Luke9473 says:

    I loved the idea of the game, especially the beginning, but I felt that it left much to be desired.

  • KekoaOnorati says:

    This game was amazing! The only problem I had with it was that Miss Scarlet’s voice was totally wrong. Otherwise, I loved it.

  • weathergal213 says:

    I have this game and I stayed up for hours playing it- yeah I’m a dork :p Love it, and LOVE the movie with Tim Curry as the butler!

  • cluedoking123 says:

    this game went out of print ages ago, but you can still get it on ebay or amozon

  • AAscension says:

    I can’t find this game anywhere, but I want it :O.

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