Harvest Moon: Magical Melody – Baby is Born

*What game/system is this? ~As is stated in the title, the game is called “Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.” It was first released for the GameCube, but is now also available for Wii. (Unfortunately, while the GameCube version allows you to control either a male or a female player character, the Wii version only includes the boy version of gameplay.) It is part of the “Harvest Moon” series of games… en.wikipedia.org …produced by Marvelous Interactive and distributed in English by Natsume Inc. There are Harvest Moon series games available for various consoles, and they all generally revolve around the premise of building up a ranch (crops, animals, etc), forming relationships with the villagers (heart events, marriage, children), and improving the town in some way. Still, all of the individual titles are very unique, usually with varying plots, characters, and graphic styles. *How are you a girl here?: ~I have the GameCube version of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. Upon beginning a new file, this game prompts you to choose your gender along with your birthday season. However, the Wii version of the game (both the original European release and the US rerelease) removes the option to play as a girl. Sorry about that! *MARRIAGE REQUIREMENTS: ~8-10 hearts with your loved one ~your MAIN house upgraded to Level 3 (befriend Joe, Kurt, or Woody to at least one heart to make the “Remodel” option available for your FIRST house) ~Double bed (unlocked under “Furniture” at the Workshop

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  • MandySchut says:

    How Can You Tell If The Child Is A Girl Or A Boy?!

  • ilove2play says:

    LOL the female main character is physically a child! her high pigtails look little-girlish xD

  • RayofHope3579 says:

    Yep, it’s right here:
    “Harvest Moon: Magical Melody – Damian & Maria’s Baby”

  • harvestmoonmm9909 says:

    Can you show the pregnancy as a boy character? Or have you already done it? If so what video?

  • Lunachan1988 says:

    that cool ^^ thanks XD

  • RayofHope3579 says:

    I currently have four save files (plus one or two more that I’ve since deleted).
    The maximum you can have is four save files per memory card. ^^

  • Lunachan1988 says:

    how many save files have you in this game?

  • boptop892 says:

    I married alex the doctor

  • RayofHope3579 says:

    No… GameCube is a home console, while DS is a portable.
    “Harvest Moon: Magical Melody” (the particular game in this video) is not available for DS.
    But…there ARE lots of other “Harvest Moon” series games you can get for DS! =) They’re called “Harvest Moon DS,” “Harvest Moon DS Cute,” “Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness,” “Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands,” “Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar,” and “Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns.” You can play any of those on DS. ^^

  • MsGkirk says:

    Is gamecube ds

  • RayofHope3579 says:

    Yes, the game is aimed at children —  cutesy graphics, no inappropriate content, rated E and all that — although older people can definitely enjoy it, too. I’m 18 and I play it; so does my 60-year-old mother. ^^
    Also, you can’t play this online. You can get this game for GameCube or for Wii only. Try looking up other games in the Harvest Moon series (which will have the same general premise, but different plot and characters and stuff) to see what other systems they’re available for!

  • MsGkirk says:

    is it a kids game

  • MsGkirk says:

    How do you play online

  • simslover1113 says:

    is the kid a boy or girl

  • simslover1113 says:

    you married basil i married alix

  • RayofHope3579 says:

    The baby is NEVER given any official gender. No matter what you name it, it will never be referred to as “he” or “she.” And, since the baby doesn’t grow past being a toddler, the appearance never makes its gender apparent, either. You can name your baby whatever you want, but it’ll only have a gender…in your own mind, basically. xD Whatever you perceive it to be. Because the game will never recognize it as one gender or the other.

  • ticklekeri2 says:

    do you get to choose the gender of your baby?
    I heard it depends on what you name your baby… so what if i name the baby Taylor? cause that could be used for a boy or girl. If i did that, would the game determine the gender for me?

  • Majix8 says:

    You can be a girl or a boy on the gamecube version

  • BeadlesIsMyDrug143 says:

    i marrrried alexxxx. xD
    the thing that sucks about it , is he’s always tellin’ me staying up late isn’t good for my body. :P

  • MordSith1818 says:

    i love how fast word travels!! 5 seconds after the baby’s born someone knows!

  • chipynicky says:

    what if your the guy and is it a boy or girl

  • pikachugirllauren says:

    its ok i she is pregnant now

  • pikachugirllauren says:

    hey in hmmm i got married in the game around the 25 of winter now its the 25 oof spring and she ant annouched the prenance why isnt she prenant

  • mooman55311 says:

    dont push so hard calm down OLOLO

  • GoGoGadgetBeer says:

    giving birth in hotpants! teen pregnancy at its best!

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