Hands-on Logitech G13 Gameboard

www.geek.com A look at Logitech’s G13 Advanced gameboard

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25 Responses to “Hands-on Logitech G13 Gameboard”

  • Esteban Olide says:

    I order a used G13 from ebay. But it didnt come with the software does anyone know where I can get the software for it????? I check the logitech website, and thats a no go. And the sell will not take it back? Help please?

  • jdrbrn says:

    They’re using a Razer Nostromo

  • emrealadin says:

    well its both a gameboard but i dont think they are the same gameboard

  • thecooperxpert says:

    Is it that they are usingin vghs

  • dlfreak1 says:

    tnxs for sharing!

  • trachdax says:

    What should I buy? The logitech g13 or the g510? I already have a logitech k300 it is a great keyboard for mainly computing not gaming. So what is the best? Please I can’t chose.

  • GameCraftChannel says:

    Depends :) Logitech fan’s will always say Logitech is better .. Razer fans will always say razer is better, I personally own both nostromo and g13,

    Razer has better thumb pad thingie, but
    Logitech g13′s build quality is A LOT better and has more buttons and better software also backlit can change colours which is always nice.

    so about these gamepads .. I vote for G13, mainly because of build quality and better software.

  • Achilliez101 says:

    They don’t make n52te’s anymore

  • IIARROWS says:

    How? In my gaming experience, I feel that many times this hasn’t enough keys… In Nostromo I would be extremely limited. Luckly you can have 3 sets and easily swap between them with macro build. IE: In Transformers: Battle for Cybertron I change key set AND transform at the same time.
    It has an ANALOG stick, which would be great if more games support it or at least controller and keyboard at the same time… but this is developers fault and often I have to use it like the Nostromo d-pad.

  • BoXterIcceR says:

    Razer’s Nostromo is better
    Just sayng

  • blickluke says:

    Out of this and the n52te which one would you say is better?
    i play almost just FPS games, what is better for that would you say?
    if you know

  • victor070 says:

    4:07 “gay right epicenter called landmark” WTF!?

  • Edžus Utināns says:

    Selling it now

  • LapisChimera says:

    would u recomend for star craft 2? (im getting it but im total noob to it lol so i dont know controls and stuff)

  • snobben97 says:

    FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has 22 macro keys but 25 all-around

  • krackerjacx says:

    there are 25 remap-able keys you retarded fucker, there are 22 titled keys, but you can remap the unlabeled ones as well

  • Angrybeardedlady1 says:

    There is 22 keys you blind fucker..

  • LostTheGaaaaaaame says:

    I want to use the joystick for FPS games, Because the movement is HORRIBLE using WASD. I like having more control over movement speed. Can it be used like this? or am i gonna have to stick with a gamepad?

  • blakemetal says:

    Googling how to “vote up” your comment 1000 times per mouse click.

  • EZmufc says:

    “Gay rights epicenter named landmark”
    Whatever would I do without my G13 Gameboard!?

  • nikanj says:

    I’m got this for Microsoft Excel :P. Don’t know how I lived without it.

  • saf768 says:

    its not steel its brushed aluminum, ur a nerd you should know that

  • basketballdude138 says:

    i would make a quickscope button so it scopes then shoots then unscopes in one press

  • monsterhunterminegar says:

    I never understood why logitech picked a name that is also a type of weed

  • niko4931 says:

    hi, my question is, can you actually customize any button to work as a modifier. Similarly as I use shift with the normal keyboard?

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