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25 Responses to “Grit’s Vids – Free to Play VS Pay to Play”

  • FireBFM says:

    free games for pc and buy games for console

  • Play671 says:

    i whant to play eve online free to play. you need money to play, and if you don’t have, you will die of boredom. Money is a bitch that play hard you know.
    The real spoiler is the money, takes all the fun out of something, then some say they do not want the game go to free play, then get the junk and do not have, but want to play, then the anxiety increases, then they should take the free game for a thousand reasons …

  • primepaid says:



  • Pwnogan says:

    Well f2p is really better but the only game i am going to pay for is going to be Guild wars 2 because you just have to get it one time and you are done so most mmo’s should be that it’s amazing :D But f2p is really cool and Runes of magic is a good game,Allods online is really good too but the playerbase is too small that’s why i don’t play it you need more players to get the most out of the game

  • thaegh says:

    I feel like there should be more games that use ArenaNet`s business model which is, pay a set value for the game (i.e. $60 for the box and that`s it) which gives 100% access to everything BUT, there are other options which allow you to pay more for aesthetic features such as dresses or suit or whatever.

  • Macena1010 says:

    I play both free to play and pay to play, which are games like WoW and LoL. I prefer to play games like LoL because its free and their option to pay which to customise your champion with different skin. The only reason why I still play WoW is because im hoping it because better as the cambat in this game is brilliant

  • Daman45684568 says:

    I am a F2P guy but I keep seeing cool paid items that I keep wishing I had…

  • Flyingpanzyking says:

    I get bored too fast to justify using Pay to Play. I pay for a month then play for a few days, then I feel like I’ve wasted my money.

  • PlasmicRedX says:

    Was expecting a video about free to play VERSUS pay to play. I didn’t see anything like that.

    Let’s just forget also when free to plays tried forcing us to install DRM software and place advertisements right into the games. Free to play is a holy grail and will save us all. All worship free to play.

    Both free to play and pay to play are corrupted by money since both models obviously involve it. Don’t kid yourself. Many pay to plays have free demos or trials. It’s all the same.

  • BriceH1994 says:

    both are great

  • DarkFang1998 says:


  • Darkaim666 says:

    With GW2 coming out, pay once and then f2p is the boat im on

  • Progz says:

    I cant believe he just said 100 people work on Maple Story, free to play is the future.

  • Progz says:

    This video needs more views. This dude from Nexon seems cool as hell specially that he speaks total english (not saying anything rude) but if your going to talk to english players, at least be fully fulet unlike other companies that send you to india when you call their companies/support lines.

  • GhostInTheMist2 says:

    yeah i know Lol why anyone would pay for something that they can play for free is beyond me :P

  • DeathSlay320 says:

    I agree about what you said about CoD. But.. with the models..triangle noses? Either get some glasses or a computer from 2008 or over to play games above the very low setting.

  • phantomlord113 says:

    I love how they always use mabi soundtrack but never show it off :P

  • puzzledoeo says:

    i think its a nexon game called vindictus

  • phillip1500 says:

    if i could thumbs this up more then 1 i would

  • phillip1500 says:

    For the record cods a re textured piece of shit and 2 low detail textures and models is no excuse for cartoon graphics cause i dont think noses look like a triangle

  • HungryHungryHundar says:


  • MeanMonsta99 says:

    Does anyone know the name of the game shown at 5:08

  • Mahdino says:


  • daogix says:

    does anyone know the game shown at 25 secs?

  • Repanocho says:

    there are some some WoW private servers fucking nice

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