GPU Wars: AMD RADEON HD 6790 vs NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti Review & Benchmarks

GPU Wars: AMD RADEON HD 6790 vs NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti Review & Benchmarks Read the Written Review! Twitter: Make sure to sign up for our free newsletter :) Facebook: GPU Wars: AMD RADEON HD 6790 vs NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti Review & Benchmarks GPU Wars: AMD RADEON HD 6790 vs NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti Review & Benchmarks GPU Wars: AMD RADEON HD 6790 vs NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti Review & Benchmarks

25 Responses to “GPU Wars: AMD RADEON HD 6790 vs NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti Review & Benchmarks”

  • SlugNation says:

    Im using an Intel CPU and an AMD card.

  • candoslayer says:

    it all goes on performance for me

  • candoslayer says:

    you should do gtx 680 vs gtx 670 next

  • raketapjotr says:

    that song is just fucking kickassss!!

  • MrAndale96 says:

    intel cpu and amd gpu :D

  • ComradeYerik says:

    AMD Phenom II x4 B55 and EVGA GTX 550 Ti

  • MrTwister9571 says:

    Same…. AMD FX 8150 and an Nvidia EVGA GTX 560.

  • 006BlackJack says:

    oh and i almost forgot, im also buying a 650va/600va UPS, can it supply my 500W psu or generally, my computer for some minutes?

  • u4eagun says:

    im happy to help and feel free to ask again if you run into any problems :] and this isnt my video haha XD

  • 006BlackJack says:

    thanks so much, you answered all my problems… im hoping to see more of your videos! salamat(thank you)!

  • u4eagun says:

    also that processor isnt part of the K-series, so it might be harder to overclock it without unlocked multipliers if you ever wanted to try to

  • u4eagun says:

    hmm, sorry but ive only have an i7 and most of the gamers i know go with an i5 so i dont really know alot about the i3. however its a 2core, 2 thread cpu. The threads do help allowing the core to do more at one time but it will never go faster then the 2 cores can handle, as for it bottlenecking you i think you will be fine, i have cpu on the amd side thats on the same level and it would handle almost every shooter game i have (other then one)APB I think the trade off for the better gpu is good

  • 006BlackJack says:

    oh thanks, and btw lol, i changed my mind i planned to change my cpu to core i3 2120, then upgrading to gtx560, cpu wont bottleneck it right?

  • thedarkone123123 says:

    why so?

  • u4eagun says:

    (ran out of space) the 800w + power supply (bronze to gold) is a must since you might up grade parts in your pc later on and it will save you alot of money in the long run

  • u4eagun says:

    your build is perfect, I use a 550ti in my own pc and it runs every thing at 1360×768 at max. but one thing, if you can try to get more then 4gb of ram. Not a lot of games use more then 2-3gb but some games do and as games get better and larger they will end up using more, also you OS will take 1-2gb while your playing your games. They do have very cheap 8gbpacks that would be perfect if you can find if they can ship to you Also if your building on a budget YOU WANT TO get a 800w + power supply,

  • 006BlackJack says:

    whoa, thanks so much… and oh im building a budget gaming pc, i planned to build through these : i5 2320 (2nd gen), just a generic MB ECS h61h2-m2, 4gb ddr3 1333 and a 550 ti, and having a 19″ widescreen lcd. these components are a bit expensive here in the philippines having a total of 26600 php or $625.. lol.. anyways, is that build ok? im planning to run it on max having 1360×768 which is also the max resolution…

  • TheTime623 says:

    Im running a Intel processor and a radeon card..

  • ilike2motorboattits says:

    i got 16g ddr3 so i can play everquest.

  • CarmenGFX says:

    There was a video uploaded on this same channel showing this is not true at all.

  • u4eagun says:

    the cpu is slowly reaching a cap thats why they trying new things like putting gpus in them, even tho alot of intels are faster, as an “end user” you will almost never be able to tell now in games now, if your doing heavy tasks like video editing it will be faster but you will still be waiting on it. they all have gives and takes in performance and other fields

  • TheGenesisfreak says:

    use a phenom ii x6 1045t instead and use a 6950 instead of the 6770 because you can flash it to a 6970, and 16gb is way overkill unless you are video editing, then keep that, but just get like 8gb if you are not editing.

  • LastGouki says:

    AMD FX-6200 Bulldozer 3.8GHz (Six Core) 32nm, AM3+ 8MB Cache
    ASUS M5A97 AM3+, AMD 970, Cross Fire, SATA3, USB 3.0
    AMD CrossFire Radeon HD 6770 1GB x2 Quad head, DVI, HDMI (2 cards)
    16GB (4x4GB) PC10600 DDR3 1333 Dual Channel
    Wud that be a good setup Motherboards?

  • u4eagun says:

    yea it runs every game I have perfect, cpu goes around 40-70% in heavy gameplay while the gpu pushes +60fps, if your building a pc right now I would say the best way to go is with a 3rd gen intel cpu, an i5 would run any game fine and the over clock great. now for a graphics card its all about what rez your playing at, 720p a 550ti-560ti are great and cheap, 1080p+ the new 670-690 cards from nvidia are perfect but are still high priced.How much are you looking to spend? I will be able tohelpmore

  • 006BlackJack says:

    cool, den how was it? did it go well? or is it okay?.. im pretty curious tho coz im building a pc soon, pls help.

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