Get On The Eve Test Server

I explain how to connect to the eve online test server (singularity) ****Server code is /server: any Questions Send me a message on my youtube account.

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  • TheGGES says:

    do like this C:Program FilesCCPEVE (TEST)eve.exe(SPACE)/server:87.237.3 8.50

  • zatlags says:

    is it free

  • DarkOps32 says:

    lose a ship on sisi, you never get it back on sisi until they mirror it, and only ccp can do that.

  • TonicEnergy says:

    What happens if you duel and your ship gets destroyed on TEST server, can you re-copy your original player’s folder and log back in with that same ship that was destroyed? what happens?

  • ololh4xx says:

    Yes, indeed.
    Your you little boys still jealous about vista? Dont be – you’ll soon be happy with Vista R2 aka Windows 7.

  • LUOSE9088 says:

    LOL VISTA =)

  • dragefyr says:

    Im stuck :( wen i enter the /server: into the shortcut thingie then it says the destination is invalid? im stuck, i use windows vista home premium.

  • Jouskaaja says:

    my character is a noob and trial how can i update it

  • CLAN247UKMAK says:

    Im running Windows XP.

    Still cant find the eve.exe file only the “CCP Eve Bootstrapper”

  • DarkOps32 says:

    If you’re running vista paste C:Program FilesCCP into your windows explorer address bar and open the folder you made for the test server, from there there’s two files you need to worry about, one is eve the other eve.exe. Open the properties for eve.exe and do as the video says.

  • CLAN247UKMAK says:

    Cant seem to find the “eve.exe” file. I only got a “CCP Eve Bootstrapper” Which has no “target location”

    I tried creating a shortcut from it and bringing up the properties box (which has the target location) But when i input the new server info it says ”The name C:Program FilesCCPEVE (TEST)eve.exe/server: specified in the target box is not valid. Make sure the path and file name are correct

    Any ideas?

  • DarkOps32 says:

    Depends on when you made your account. If you made it after the latest mirror then you’ll have to wait until the next to get on. Mirrors are random.

  • SQPR000 says:

    Do you need to have a account thats fully loaded with 1 month or more ??

  • SQPR000 says:

    If it is incompatible , you need to update the Client to the newest version, so run the eve.exe
    that connects to the Tranquility server

    And download the patch.

    And hopefully it works :)

  • givitallawy says:

    hm, tried that. Says Singularity is incompatible

  • DarkOps32 says:

    its the eve online singularity server(sisi) the twin server of tranquility(tq) used to test ship loadouts make movies etc

  • FusionNinjin says:

    O.o is it a private server?

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