Germany in Black and White (German Short Film)

SCHWARZ WEIß DEUTSCH (GERMANY IN BLACK AND WHITE) D 2011 SHORT (10 min) SYNOPSIS Ein ganz normales deutsches Paar auf einem deutschen Sofa. Doch was ist eigentlich Deutsch? –Eine feste Kameraeinstellung, eine Handvoll Schnitte, ohne Montage?, eine Couch, ein Paar. Sie mit, er ohne Migrationshintergrund, sie mit Grazie und Charme, er mit Füssen auf dem Tisch die Schuhsohlen der Kamera weit entgegen. Beide geben Auskunft über einander und über ihre Vorstellungen vom Leben in Deutschland. Sie mit Freundlichkeit und Takt, er voller Bestimmtheit und Nation. Sie im schönen Kleid, er im traditionellen Unterhemd. Quelle: DokumentArt Filmfestival– A quite normal German couple sitting on a german sofa. However, what is, actually, German? she with migration-background, he is not. She with friendly and tactful. He is full of determination and national german feelings. Spieldauer: 10’18” Minuten Format: 16:9, Farbe&BW Genre: Kurzfilm Sprache: Deutsch (Stereo) Untertitel: Englisch Pressematerial: auf Anfrage Ort und Datum der Uraufführung: Europäisches Dokumentarfilmfestival DokumentART 2011 (06.11.2011) Awards: Short Cutz Berlin Best Short Film March 2012 Special Mention Int. Filmfestival Hannover Up & Coming Hannover 2011 Festivals: Short Cutz Berlin 2012 (Wettbewerb) Shoot It Out Rom 2012 (Wettbewerb) Young Collection Bremen 2011 (Wettbewerb) Int. Dokumentarfilmfestival dokumentART 2011 (Wettbewerb) Int. Up and Coming Hannover 2011 (Wettbewerb) Short Film Review (Poland

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34 Responses to “Germany in Black and White (German Short Film)”

  • NappturalDancer2K10 says:

    Ich genoß diesen kurzen Film, das Paar sieht wirklich süß zusammen aus, aber ich weiß nicht, ob sie darin für das lange Ziehen sind…

  • jürgen Gehrmann says:

    Tja,es wird immer Menschen geben,.die mit offener oder unterschwelliger Unterdrückung anderer weniger Angst empfinden und daher mit Gleichberechtigung nichts anfangen können

  • mxchic05 says:

    It seems that he doesnt want any kids

  • Stephanie Coulibaly says:

    I noticed that too. It was a long silence. But, I have had personal experience with this attitude. My son’s father is German (I am African American) and he had the same attitude. Generally-speaking, I think some Germans are conflicted about having children, especially with foreigners.

  • suddelbrie says:

    Ne. meist nicht!

  • suesssauerfilm says:

    provokation ist eben nicht immer angenehm. :)

  • likecrunchyness says:

    Notice how he has so much to say other ethnic groups but when simply asked if wants children with the woman he supposedly loves—-silence.

    This is great guide for who not to date in Germany.

  • suddelbrie says:

    Hm, provokativ. Krass die superenge Jeans und das weiße Unterhemd von dem weißen deutschen Typ und wie der da superbreitbeinig auf dem Sofa saß. Dazu noch seine Sprüche! Nicht sympathisch.

  • DirectorBrothers says:

    Ich hab diesen Film beim Up and Coming in Hannover gesehen. Leider danach nirgends gefunden. Endlich hochgeladen!

  • cheerxsoftball says:

    Oh my gosh makeup tutorial ASAP :) I love it!

  • cheerlyynn says:

    aww the kitty want to get out :)

  • 1penzer says:

    Have you tried : It cosmetics on QVC? Their eye concealer is really good.

  • Mariahs36 says:

    I really like the Milani fine glitters so much better than the chunky glitter. The gold glam is the bomb

  • steffkitty0 says:

    I love this. But I might love Zoey  even more.; )

  • vanillamist says:

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  • xoxoDestinyxoxo100 says:

    your cat is adorable.

  • skylilly1 says:

    I love plumeria and that Essie nail polish! Good video!!

  • ALadyNeverTells says:

    Well all the summer scents are pretty fragrant. I love cranberry mandarin, honey suckle, sweet pea, and i believe its called garden rain. They have medium sized ones now too for only 5.00! Cant beat that! Let me know if you try one!!!!!

  • waymire01 says:

    I think it works great! I will say that it works best if you have a creamy primer, like Palladio (my current favorite), ELF, or TFSS, instead of a drier one like UDPP… that one tended to dry the undereye area and enhance lines (If you have them, lol). I’ve noticed that the concealer applied more smoothly and lasts longer. Great tip, thank you so much. I really would never have thought to try it.

  • gwengr09 says:

    Omg, yes!

  • gwengr09 says:

    Getting back to the video I also use the Eve Pearl salmon concealer. I love the shade and how wonderfully it conceals the darkness without giving that reverse raccoon-eye effect. I also find that, unfortunately, perhaps bc it’s so creamy it doesn’t last very long (even if I set it with powder). Maybe 4-5 hours tops. Plus, it creases horribly on me. I use the Instant Age Rewind over it and that helps with the creasing and lasting power a bit. Still searching for my hg undereye concealer though.

  • gwengr09 says:

    I am subscribed to a *lot* of youtube beauty channels, but I have to say you are by far my favorite. I appreciate your honesty and sweet, down to earth personality. Thank you for being so authentic and not selling out! You are a breath of fresh air! :)

  • SummerOreosGirl says:

    Thank you so much!.. and you are quite welcome :)

  • Keera H says:

    Favorite Walmart candle scents are, island luau, peach & mango, for my bathroom we use clean linen and a lavender scented candle! I’m totally hooked I won’t spend 2 for $20 anymore

  • aLoveTart says:

    Happy shopping!

  • aLoveTart says:

    I love it too, goes with EVERYTHING

  • aLoveTart says:

    I get that a lot! :D Thanks for watching for so long my dear! :)

  • aLoveTart says:

    Same here! She’s so goofy, so random… but gotta love her :)

  • aLoveTart says:

    awww thank youuu! I have a nude lipsticks video you should check out

  • aLoveTart says:

    She’s a goof!

  • aLoveTart says:

    Thanks for this! I wish you the best with your pregnancy! :)

  • aLoveTart says:

    THanks for sharing your favorites! Revlon base and top coats? I have never tried them!

  • aLoveTart says:

    aww thanks! YES, I love my kitty :)

  • aLoveTart says:

    THanks so much

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