Garmonation 8 (Part 2 of 3) EvE Online PVP

Audio doesn’t seem to work – but it does work if you go to my channel and watch from there

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  • malango255 says:

    Yeah but he will have had a T3 booster alt (so not solo) and expensive crystals. impressive all the same.

  • zarik78 says:

    it was gate guns that was shotting the Phoon
    i know becaus ei was there ;) 

  • strcelrau says:


  • vanjon09 says:

    prob gate guns twat

  • vanjon09 says:

    hey whats the first song, sounds like Rage.

  • strcelrau says:

    ok, big thumbs up! (sorry for the loss of that shiny ship, you know witch one)

  • Draceb says:

    so far i deduced this on second setup 8 ions t2, mwd,fleeting web,t2scram,2heavy electrochem cap injectors. lows are 2 t2 reppers large,dcu2,and i had a few guesses 1 eanm and adaptive plate 2, if cash 2 imperial eanms ,and a ts or imp explo res. For rigs i use anc router and 2 aux nano pumps. and drones 3 serkers and 2 valks. gets from 800-950dps tank and does around 825dps

  • Draceb says:

    if not a problem i would very much like to know that hyperions setup, i see there is 3 different setups the video is a bit unclear in one part it has 7 guns and a smarty, then 8 guns then it seems to have officer guns or one to lure people into a fight when they see it hitting them thinking oh look at this. lol so if you could share your setup id appreciate it, the part i cant figure out is the rigs, and non active lows and if u have ab or mwd. i assume mwd, and lows i assume is res plts.

  • garmon123456 says:

    Sentry guns, forgot exact numbers but they do something like 300 dps, 33% therm 33% kin 16.6% em 16.6% explosive

  • Guitar666Addict says:

    101/10 again :} thc for mach 2 hehe

  • strcelrau says:

    at 0.58 who is damaging the phoon??

  • po0po0nanA says:

    This is kind of impressive i guess, but you have to remember that the machariel easily can out perform these ships even with a less experienced pilot. I’ve seen mach’s take down entire fleets before, so therefore, this isn’t amazingly impressive, but then again, im not saying that i could do this haha ;)

  • 3Havoc says:

    he is using a cannister in his cargo hold to store the additional caps

  • Devilkrisis says:

    he robs them from their wreckages lol

  • aresdesideratus says:

    paradise lost

  • WoWpallyOWN says:

    Its paradise lost-Just say words :)

  • aresdesideratus says:

    I also would like to know what song that is, right after Weapons of Mass Distortion but right before Free


  • Aelikt says:

    What song 3:00 ?

  • tougenokaibutsu says:

    hauler alt

  • cooombooo says:

    where do the cap boosters keep coming from?

  • Shaloth says:

    you dont have to be able to tank all of the dammage to prevail. just survive enough to destroy most of their Dammage. :)

  • sEweron says:

    “Crane tackles and kills first mega other side” roflmao ;D

  • sEweron says:

    04:15 doh

  • sEweron says:

    04:!5 - bump like a boss, hell yeah.

  • FuhrerForte says:

    You have fully convinced me one person can vastly out perform groups of people, and I now aspire to overcome my fear of fighting the blob :(

    well done

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