Garmonation 7 Episode 1 ( Part 2 of 3 ) EVE Online PVP

Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is my second video that i’m going to be releasing. In my opinion much better than the first one I released about a year ago. I took a bit more time putting this one together so I hope you enjoy it. Most of these fights include links, and or implants. Run Time: 22:55 Ships Flown: Cyclone Megathron Deimos Tempest Talos Hyperion Contains: Solo 2 VS. X Amount of ships Music, software, etc in credits

Video Rating: 4 / 5

30 Responses to “Garmonation 7 Episode 1 ( Part 2 of 3 ) EVE Online PVP”

  • hlamonix says:

    what is the name of the track on 05:15 – 10:34??

  • EVE4860 says:

    ive only dreamed of being this good

  • liberty211662 says:

    I know see how this is done being how i just saw the faction reppers, spend a decent amount of isk on the ship thats good skilled, superbad implants and at least 6months of training.

  • KimInChains says:

    Yeah whats the name of the second song? It’s as great as your pvp skills :) *bootlick*

  • stynkanator says:

    I love every song you put in your videos

  • tim kide says:


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  • CrASYmUZIk says:

    9:20 .. Hahah

  • atwoods3 says:

    Message me if you want a 21 day free trial. I can teach you the ropes and hook you up with ships to get you started. If you decide to stick around and sub you and I can split the profits from the PLEX card I get as a reward for recruiting you.

  • Kthxpwnedirl says:

    Really good on the drakes part for pushing you closer to the cynabal.

  • BradAssMF1 says:

    very cool. I like seeing someone go out and do some good solo with armor ships. too many stupid 4bil 100mn tengus out there for my liking. I look forward to seeing another video.

  • Anze Pratnemer says:

    Really nice video, but you could mention that its not solo (on few clips you have partner, not to mention boosting alt..)

  • Robert Bosch says:

    Цинабал, конечно, эпичный долбоеб. Пустить в ультраклоз бластерный деймос, это ж каким криворуким мудаком надо быть?

  • Omikron1112 says:

    What was the name of the song in the beginning of vid?

  • Jason S says:

    Right Click Tab - Add Tab.

  • Jason S says:

    Nice video!

  • Stephen Duerr says:

    If anyone wants a 21 day trial (normally, they are only 14 days) send me a message and I’ll hook you up. And I’ll throw in some ISK to start you off too.

  • ExRedux says:

    Damn it! Damn it all to hell! This was one EVE video too many, and now I went and re-subscribed to EVE after quitting for 2 years. Nice video, thanks for convincing me to try it again. : )

  • Rythblaqk says:

    Great vid, Loved the last fight, Could you tell me how you got those overview tabs?

  • MrStew1997 says:

    Wow; you sir know how to fight!

  • nzrockmonkey says:

    Null has fall off bonus,and he has 2 tracking enhancers fit is why

  • nzrockmonkey says:

    Umm since brutix has a bonus to armor reps…..and reps will far out last a shield tank…..think about it…

  • carnagejc says:

    Just started PVP as a gallente pilot. Excellent video and ive subbed :) Quick question though as to why you take the dual rep armor tank Brutix over shield? Ive set up a shield brutix fit (T1 guns) as my corp does mostly shield BC fleets and will be testing it soon but would like to know if/why armor is your preference. I prefer armor to shield but shield gets me in fleets atm.

  • sniperA2 says:

    null ammo is why

  • TheSlightlysane says:

    at least you guys tried ewar, some of these fights he didnt looked scrammed webbed pointed or anything…

  • Hallgrenoid says:

    I’ve never flown a Talos, but i’m guessing…


  • Gforce19842009 says:

    Question, why is your talos hitting in full blast at 40km with blasters? please im confuse, I thought blasters are good at 10km, other than that it’s nothing.

  • MrTenebKel says:

    True Gallente! /

  • Drazer012 says:

    Oh shit thats my corp at 7:30 lol an honor to be killed by you mate.

  • addis504 says:

    nice vid great fights great kill on the cynabal and like the hyperion fight too. did u use any slaves or implants? great piloting and thanks for uploading this. would u mind sending me the talks fits? plus 1 for this

  • gueug95 says:

    Thanks man! I almost got it right too.

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